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Hermione’s Best Decisions In Harry Potter

It’s no news that Hermione Granger was the smartest witch of her age. She exhibited the perfect amalgam of book smart and street smart. Moreover, Hermione was someone unique who listened to both her heart and brain. Her strengths were her compassion, bravery and knowledge. Without her, we don’t know how Harry and Ron would have survived half the challenges. Here are some of the best decisions made by Hermione in Harry Potter.

Creating Dumbledore’s Army and the Coins

Hermione’s initial idea to form the Dumbledore’s Army may have been for the exams, but the lessons learnt at the DA meetings were life-saving when they fought the Death Eaters. Apart from founding the DA, Hermione made a brilliant move by creating the coins. These DA coins were magical coins that protected the force. They were the means to communicate the time and date, and also heated when the DA was in danger.

Lying to Umbridge

Had it not been for Hermione’s instant lie, Umbridge would have successfully subjected Harry to the forbidden Cruciatus Curse. As Umbridge threatened to cast the curse on Harry, it left Hermione with no choice but to lure her to the Forbidden Forest to show the “secret weapon”. It all ended up with Umbridge being taken away by the Centaurs.

Using the Mirror

Not only did Hermione crack the mystery of the Basilisk but also responded smartly by using a hand mirror to pass through the corridors. She had figured out how the Basilisk killed its prey and used the hand mirror to avoid looking directly into its eyes.


While our first instinct is usually to fight, run, or scream, Hermione knows how to keep herself cool and act smartly. After transforming into a werewolf in Prisoner of Azkaban, Lupin was set to come after Harry and his friends when suddenly a howl emerged from the deep forest and distracted him. It was made by no one but the future-Hermione, who was trying to drive Lupin away from her friends.

Blackmailing Rita Skeeter

There are many instances when the good girl Hermione came across as pretty scary. Rita Skeeter was a real pain in the back for her prying nature. There seemed no way of stopping her until Hermione came in. She discovered that the unethical journalist was an unregistered Animagus who spied on wizards as a beetle. Hermione captured Rita’s beetle form in a jar and made her stop publishing bizarre articles about her friends.

Setting Up Protective Charm

Hermione rose up to be a real saviour during the crisis in Deathly Hallows. When the trio was on the run, Hermione kept everyone safe by carrying all the necessary supplies. She also poured in her magical prowess for their safety by casting all the protective spells and enchantments. Without it, the Death Eaters would have easily caught them.

Casting Stinging Jinx on Harry’s Face

When the Snatchers captured the trio, Hermione immediately cast the stinging jinx on Harry’s face. That quick thinking was commendable, as an ordinary person’s (or wizard’s) reflex would have been to fight and protest. The swelling from the curse had disfigured Harry’s face, leaving him completely unrecognizable at Malfoy’s Manor. It saved Harry’s life that day, as Bellatrix would have otherwise recognized him immediately.