“How can we possibly hope to stand against such darkness”: Johnny Depp Joins Force With Emma Stone in a Fanmade Pirates 6 Trailer and Fans Love It

Emma Stone and Johnny Depp doesn't seem like a bad idea for 'Pirates of the Caribbean 6'!

"How can we possibly hope to stand against such darkness": Johnny Depp Joins Force With Emma Stone in a Fanmade Pirates 6 Trailer and Fans Love It


  • A new fan-made trailer concept for the sixth film titled "Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Final Chapter" features a Johnny Depp collab with Emma Stone.
  • The fan-made trailer envisions Depp and Stone's characters embarking on a quest for a mythical artifact while facing off against dark forces.
  • The trailer concept offers a darker and grittier take on the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, and brings back Blackbeard and Davy Jones.
  • Fans' reactions to this concept trailer are mixed, with some expressing excitement about the potential collaboration between Depp and Stone, while others emphasize the importance of Depp's return to the franchise for them to watch the film.
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Seeing Johnny Depp reprise his iconic role of Captain Jack Sparrow once again for the Pirates of the Caribbean saga is a long-awaited dream of fans that just might never come true. This stands even truer after the recent turn of events, with reports claiming that the sixth film in this saga will be led by a female protagonist instead of the iconic cunning Sparrow.

johnny depp (via wikipedia commons)
Johnny Depp. Credit: Wikipedia Commons.

But this wish not holding the chance to come true doesn’t necessarily mean fans can’t continue to dream about it. If anything, they can just build their own stories of how they want to see the sixth film — something that they have been doing lately, considering the viral fanmade trailer of POTC 6, where Depp seemingly joins hands with Emma Stone in an ironic turn of events.

Johnny Depp and Emma Stone Collab for a Fanmade POTC 6 Trailer

Although it is true that Depp just may never return to the Pirates franchise after Disney abandoned him during his messy divorce drama with former wife and Hollywood actress Amber Heard, fans aren’t giving up on their dream. That said, they have resorted to making fan-made trailer concepts on how they wish to see the next film from the saga.

Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.
Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

This comes after Ultimate Reviewz on YouTube shared a fan-made concept trailer of the sixth installment of the Pirates film series, notably titling it Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Final Chapter. What’s more, is that besides the old characters, this trailer also includes a newbie joining the Pirates’ crew: Emma Stone!

Apparently, this fanmade trailer indicates that fans want Johnny Depp to collaborate with the two-time Oscar-winning actress as he sets sail with his crew in uncharted waters “in search of a mythical artifact that holds the key to restoring balance to the Seven Seas.” But they won’t be alone, and dark forces will once again be edging closer to thwart their every move.

Emma Stone in Poor Things.
Emma Stone in Poor Things.

These dark forces that plunge out in this fanmade trailer concept for POTC 6 include the sinister Blackbeard and the enigmatic Davy Jones, and Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow will have to once again “rely on his cunning wit and indomitable spirit to navigate the treacherous waters of deceit and deceit, deceit and deceit.”


With a theme as dark as the Black Pearl, the narration of this trailer reads:

“The time has come. In a world where the line between friend and foe is as thin as a pirate’s blade, only the boldest dare to sail into the Heart of Darkness. Ha, the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow, reduced to nothing but a mere mortal. How the mighty have fallen! How can we possibly hope to stand against such darkness? Even with the Black Pearl at our side, we’d be no match for the forces that’d be at play here.”

A still from the Pirates 6 concept trailer.
A still from the Pirates 6 concept trailer.

Then there’s the female narrator’s voice (which is seemingly supposed to be Stone’s), which says:

“We faced our fair share of dangers before. But this… This’d be something else entirely. The time has come, my love. The final battle awaits, and we must face it together, for too long have we danced around the edges of destiny. But now, we must embrace our fate, and fight for what we hold dear.”

All in all, this fanmade concept trailer is offering a much grittier and dark take on the next film in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, which sounds like just what Depp’s iconic film series would need to end its remarkable run.


Fans React to This Fanmade Depp x Stone Collab Concept for Pirates 6

A lot of fans are loving this fan-trailer of POTC 6!
A lot of fans love this fan trailer of POTC 6!

Obviously, a lot of the reactions to this trailer include fans demanding Johnny Depp to return for this film, or they won’t be watching at all. But apart from that, some other fans are expressing that this concept is truly amazing, and would most certainly be “something else entirely.”

Taking to the comment section of this YouTube video, here’s what those other fans are saying:

“I waiting for this chapter… Legend Jack Sparrow.” ~ @MrGamingg7776

“Blimey! Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, now & forevermore!” ~ @barbarajackson-shennan8028


“Would love this… If Johnny Depp returns! No Capt. Jack, consider it boycotted.” ~ @JakePenton

“So excited” ~ @austejaaustele111

Needless to say, if Disney truly wishes to continue the POTC saga successfully, it would have to adhere to fans’ wishes about Depp’s return as his iconic character. And in case it does end up doing that, then this fanmade trailer seems like the perfect inspiration on how they could helm the film!


Meanwhile, you can stream all the pre-existing films from the Pirates of the Caribbean saga on Disney+.


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