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Huge Spider-Man Plot holes from Doctor Strange 2 Explained

Doctor Strange 2 released a week back and since then we cannot just stop admiring the number of revelations we came across. It presented it all in a great manner. Wanda turning into a villain is still ashock we cannot get over but one cannot deny that Elizabeth Olsen nailed the performance. We all are very well known of the fact that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has its connection with Spider-Man: No Way Home and fans had great expectations from the recent flick in terms of No Way Home.

Doctor Strange 2
Doctor Strange 2

There are certain plot holes that we encountered in Doctor Strange 2 in terms of No Way Home. The most prominent of which was how Doctor Strange and Wong remembers Spider-Man? Since at the end of No Way Home, Doctor Strange casted a spell that resulted in everyone forgetting who Peter Parker was. Also, we know that the spell worked as Wong in the very beginning of Doctor Strange 2 says that “Spell travels the dark borders between known and unknown reality. It’s too dangerous.”

Plot Hole Explained

One of the fan penned down her dilemma, “How did wong and strange remember that something went down with Spider-Man? It just further confuses me on what that spell did because by forgetting Parker was Spider-Man I would think he would have forgotten his involvement since he was involved as a personal favor to Peter Parker and not Spider-Man.”

Peter Parker with Happy Hogan - Spider-Man Plot holes from Doctor Strange 2 Explained
Peter Parker with Happy Hogan

But to make it clear the spell Doctor Strange casted made people forget who Peter Parker is not Spider-Man. People still remember Spider-Man, and this can be proved by the fact that when Happy Hogan says he knew May he asked Peter.
Happy Hogan – How’d you know her?
Peter Parker – Through Spider-Man. You?
Happy Hogan – Same.

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Tom Holland in "Spider-Man: No Way Home" - Spider-Man Plot holes from Doctor Strange 2 Explained
Tom Holland in “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

Therefore, it establishes that Happy remember working with Spider-Man. He probably remember that Spider-Man was Tony’s protege and he remembers going to charity event hosted by May which he was invited to by Spider-Man. So Wong and Strange would both remember that they encountered Spider-Man and their Villains from other realities but not Peter Parker.

Spider-Man 4: Everything We Know So Far

Spider-Man 4
Spider-Man 4

Because the film has not been confirmed, there is no official release date for Spider-Man 4. Given that each of the three MCU Spider-Man films has had a two-year gap between them, the fourth Spider-Man picture is expected to come around late 2023 or early 2024. While no official plot concept for Spider-Man 4 has been released, it’s likely that the story (or one of the expected trilogy’s potential sequels) will feature the arrival of the alien symbiote that gave birth to Venom.

Will Tom Holland Return as Spider-Man in MCU

Tom Holland
Tom Holland

Because no formal confirmation has been given, there is no definitive casting for Spider-Man 4. We do know that Tom Holland will reprise his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man if Sony and Marvel Studios continue to work. Apart from that, nothing is certain because it is uncertain whether the film would fully reboot and use Peter’s new status quo to construct a fresh new status quo for the next trilogy, meaning that all familiar characters will be removed.


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