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‘I don’t know if you know who he is’: Ms. Marvel Star Addresses Losing Spider-Man Role to Tom Holland

Ms. Marvel debuted this summer amid as much audience appreciation as critical reception. The series regular, Matt Lintz, made his big Marvel debut alongside Pakistani-American star, Iman Vellani in the role of Bruno Carrelli. However, Lintz, although new to the Marvel franchise, has had previous encounters with snagging a role in the MCU, it seems.

Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan
Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan’s powers

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The 21-year-old actor might seem familiar to some popular culture fans but not for any reason related to the Marvel universe. The Georgia-born actor has appeared in the classic neo-western horror drama, The Walking Dead in a brief tragic role as Henry in a total of 11 episodes in the series Season 9.

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Matt Lintz’s Role in the Marvel Universe

Before setting his sights on the largest, most extensive, and expanding movie franchise of all time, Matthew Lintz had a brilliant and prolific career as a child actor. He landed roles alongside some of the biggest A-list actors in Hollywood, like Daniel Bruhl, Dakota Fanning, Luke Evans, Adam Sandler, Michelle Monaghan, Jeremy Renner, David Hasselhoff, and many more.

Ms. Marvel Matt Lintz
Matt Lintz

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However, after his incredible and often noteworthy roles in television, Lintz moved up in the industry to try out for one of the most recognized superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe aka Spider-Man. In an interview with Insider, Matt Lintz spoke in good humor of the role he had auditioned for:

“I was in the top for Spider-Man, which eventually went to this guy, Tom Holland. I don’t know if you know who he is. He’s such an amazing person and an actor and it seems like life has come full circle.” 

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Bruno Carrelli’s Role in Ms. Marvel 

In one of the most anticipated and biggest series projects of Marvel’s Phase 4, Ms. Marvel debuted with actors Iman Vellani and Matt Lintz at its forefront. As Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel’s guy in the chair, Matt Lintz surpasses in his role as Bruno Carrelli. He also acts as the series protagonist’s love interest and helps her with gadgets and other technological assets that may come in handy.

Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan
Bruno Carrelli helps Kamala with her powers

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The original comic character of which series one is an adaptation also has a brother, Vittorio “Vick” Carrelli who falls in with the wrong crowd while working under The Inventor. He manages to rob Circle Q, the store that Bruno works at, and shoots Kamala when she tries to stop the robbery. Both brothers are second-generation Italian-Americans and the series is yet to delve deeper into the familial ties of the Carrelli clan.

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Source: Insider

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