“I love just how unhinged they were with it”: Solo Leveling Anime Succeeded Where Marvel Failed With Moon Knight

'Solo Leveling''s violence has been praised by the audience.

"I love just how unhinged they were with it": Solo Leveling Anime Succeeded Where Marvel Failed With Moon Knight


  • 'Solo Leveling' has been pretty graphic with its bloody and gore scenes and did not shy away from upholding the true essence of the manga.
  • Fans feel 'Solo Leveling''s violence has surpassed Marvel's Moon Knight, which failed to include the bloody scenes due to a TV-14 rating.
  • Sung Jin-Woo voice actor, Aleks Le, mentioned that he was surprised to see the anime being so graphic and showcased people getting cut in half and beheaded.
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Solo Leveling has reached the peak of popularity within a month of its premiere. It was one of the most anticipated anime of 2024, and people had high expectations of it. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the anime delivered more than what was expected of it. Sung Jin-Woo’s journey from being the weakest to the strongest hunter has just begun, and already people are applauding it.


With anime becoming more mainstream, more fans tuned to Solo Leveling. After watching everything, they gave the verdict that it was better than Marvel’s Moon Knight. Fans loved how raw Solo Leveling is and are not shy from featuring blood and violence from the beginning.

Marvel’s Moon Knight Does Not Have Any Blood Stains

Moon Knight
Marvel’s Moon Knight

Moon Knight is one of the few hits by Marvel in Phase Four. People loved Oscar Isaac as the Moon Knight. While everything was good, there was one particular point that caught the attention of the audience. People were quick to notice that Moon Knight lacked the bloody violence that was there in the comics.


To make it less gory, the creators ditched one of the most important aspects of the Moon Knight. They left out how brutal Khonshu’s soldier was. On the other hand, Solo Leveling excels where Moon Knight failed. From the beginning, it was graphic and was not shy from showing violence. The Cartenon Temple arc gave the fans a raw glimpse of how detailed the bloody scenes were. In episode 6, a leveled-up Sung Jin-Woo massacred an evil group of hunters. He beheaded, smashed, and sliced people without mercy.

solo leveling is pretty violent
Solo Leveling is pretty violent and bloody

Fans loved the details from Solo Leveling. Manhwa readers would know that the scenes would get more graphic when the Jeju Island arc starts. Marvel has always tried to garner an audience of every age, so they limit their violent scenes. While this seems legit, it often fails to uphold the true essence of the comics.

Sung Jin-Woo’s Voice Actor is a Fan of Solo Leveling’s Violence

Aleks Le, the voice actor of Sung Jin-Woo, recently gave an interview with GameRant, where he mentioned that he is a big fan of the raw action sequences. He said, “I loved the animation, and I loved just how unhinged they were with it, because it’s like, REALLY graphic, and I was afraid that if they were gonna adapt this, they were gonna consider toning it down. They DID NOT tone it down.”

aleks le
Aleks Le

He added, “They were like, “Chop that guy… in half – I want him turned to paste, right now” (laughs) Definitely, my favorite part about the adaptation is how they paced the story and how they chose to visually depict it.” Aleks Le loves anime. Watching Solo Leveling’s perfect adaptation of the manhwa has made him love the anime even more.

Since the last decade, the manga industry has seen a massive hike. It shows that more people are getting habituated to reading manga and want their favorite anime to be adapted perfectly. The same thing happened with Solo Leveling. The on-point violence and gore have increased its popularity. Violence and gore complement the plot made one of the best anime of 2024.

Solo Leveling is available on Crunchyroll.

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