“I’d like to keep up the popularity”: Weekly Shonen Jump Editor Wants Kagurabachi Anime – Will it Ever Happen?

'Kagurabachi' editor has finally revealed whether the manga will get adapted into an anime or not!

"I'd like to keep up the popularity": Weekly Shonen Jump Editor Wants Kagurabachi Anime - Will it Ever Happen?


  • 'Kagurabachi' editor Takuro Imamura recently revealed that he and Mangaka Takeru Hokazono are eventually planning to progress the manga into an anime.
  • To make sure that happens, fans will have to keep up the manga's success and continue to shower it with their love and appreciation.
  • Imamura also revealed that 'Kagurabachi' came to be because “revenge” is pretty much Takeru Hokazono-sensei's favorite genre.
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The Kagurabachi manga has been gaining quite some momentum in the manga world, especially among its international fans. As opposed to the manga’s author Takeru Hokazono-sensei and its editor Takuro Imamura’s imagination, young Chihiro’s storyline is getting widely loved by fans worldwide, which has sparked one much-asked question: Will the story get adapted into an anime?

Takeru Hokazono-sensei's Kagurabachi
Takeru Hokazono-sensei’s Kagurabachi

Recently, Kagurabachi‘s Weekly Shōnen Jump editor got into an exclusive interview with MANGA Plus to discuss some background details and all the plans they have for the superhit manga’s future. During this, Imamura let slip one massively interesting detail for all the fans of the manga: There’s much more to come for Chihiro’s storyline!

Kagurabachi Editor Reveals Whether the Manga Will Get Adapted into an Anime

Young Chihiro in Kagurabachi
Young Chihiro in Kagurabachi

For one that initially began its serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine in September 2023, Kagurabachi has more than just extended its fanbase to become one of the best and most successful Shonen mangas of all time.


Because of this very incredible success in both Japan and outside of it, the manga’s Weekly Shōnen Jump editor Takuro Imamura has disclosed that it is likely to get adapted into an anime as well. Talking to MANGA Plus about the manga’s future goals and plans, he said:

“I hope it’ll become an even more popular manga. Thankfully, the international popularity is extremely high, so I’d like to keep up the popularity in Japan as well. Eventually, our goal is to make it into an anime.”

As can be deciphered from his response, Kagurabachi will indeed get its very own anime adaptation too, as that is both the manga’s creator Takeru Hokazono-sensei’s and its editor Takuro Imamura’s ultimate goal.

The only prerequisite to make sure that this dream of multiple fans from across the globe comes true is for fans to continue showering their love and appreciation on the superhit manga.


Kagurabachi is a “Revenge Story” by Takeru Hokazono-Sensei

Kagurabachi is the revenge story of young Chihiro
Kagurabachi is the revenge story of young Chihiro

For those who are unaware of it, Kagurabachi follows the story of Chihiro, the young son of a famous swordsmith who spends his days cheerfully training under the guidance of his skilled father. But while he was envisioning a “happily ever after” for himself, that’s when tragedy struck.

Not only does his father get killed by Hishaku, the primary antagonist of the series, but the six other mystical blades that his father leaves behind for him get stolen as well. Thus, fueled with hatred and revenge, Chihiro sets out with the one remaining mystical sword to confront his formidable enemies who put an end to his peaceful life.

During the same interview with MANGA Plus, the manga’s Weekly Shōnen Jump editor Takuro Imamura also shared how this exceptionally interesting and truly uncommon storyline inspired by the John Wick world came to be. He said:


“It was because [Takeru] Hokazono said that he wanted to ‘make a revenge story.’ Back then, I thought that doing a revenge story in a Shonen magazine was relatively uncommon. However, considering that Hokazono had been drawing revenge stories as one-shots, I decided to take on the challenge, believing that it would lead to the creation of an interesting piece of work.”

Just like that, the masterpiece that was Kagurabachi came to be just because “revenge” is pretty much Takeru Hokazono-sensei’s favorite genre, and now it will soon progress into an anime adaptation as long as its fame continues to grow!

You can read Kagurabachi on MANGA Plus.


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