Insane Loki Season 2 Theories That Are Cooking Up A Storm Right Now

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Loki Season 2 is now happening. But there are a few theories fans have on Loki Season 2. And these theories are cooking up a storm right now in the internet.


King Loki Is Coming

King Loki

Loki variants were all the arge when Loki Season 1 was streaming on Disney+. Loki Season 2 will obviously bank on this plot element because it is too big to ignore. After Kid Loki, Classic Loki, Sylvie, and Alligator Loki, the next Loki variant we may see is King Loki. Loki Season 2 theories have been pretty adamant that this version of Loki will make his presence felt in the early episodes of season 2. King Loki is an alternate reality Loki that managed to successfully eliminate the threat of Thor and ascend to the throne of Asgard. The theory states King Loki will first try to make Prime Loki fall back to a path of villainy before becoming a reluctant ally and help him in the second season finale.

A TVA Uprising Will Happen


The Time Variance Authority is probably the largest organization in the multiverse. It employs the largest workforce of agents, operatives, and clerks that work together to keep the timeline safe. In the season finale of Loki, the truth about the TVA agents were revealed. All of them are time variants who were plucked out of their timelines, brainwashed, and then given fake memory implants to make them submissive enough. The TVA’s foot soldiers are all time variants, a truth that shook the entire organization. Now that all the analysts and agents of the TVA have had their minds reset due to Sylvie killing He Who remains, it is upto Loki to make them remember again. And when that happens, the TVA will rise against Kang.


Loki Season 2 Will Set Up Galactus


As He Who Remains points out, there were multiple timelines that he destroyed to save the cosmos. Then the only surviving timeline became the sacred timeline. Countless universes were destroyed by He Who Remains. So basically Kang was responsible for the destruction of the old Multiverse and the creation of the new one. Galan of Taa, in the comic books, was the sole survivor of one such multiverse shattering event. Galan was the only who who survived the destruction of the sixth incarnation of the Multiverse. He absorbed the left over energies from that event and became the being known as Galactus. With the sacred timeline now in ruins and the creation of a new multiverse, this could signal the devourer of worlds.

Ravonna Renslayer Becomes Kang’s Love Interest In Loki Season 2


Ravonna Renslayer is actually Kang’s love interest in the comic books. He falls for her in one of his many time travel escapades. Fans were eager to see Ravonna reveal her true colors in Loki Season 1. Almost all of us thought she was secretly in cahoots with Kang. The season 1 finale of Loki revealed she was just a pawn like everyone else. Renslayer left the TVA to search for answers. The creation of the multiverse would mean there are now multiple versions of her throughout the different timelines. Loki season 2 theories claim one such evil version of Renslayer ends up becoming Kang’s girlfriend.

Loki Teams Up With Scarlet Witch And/Or Doctor Strange

Multiverse Of Madness Opens A Window

Before Loki explores the timelines in 2023, May 2022 will se Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch traverse shattered realities. The Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange would have some experience in the field of Multiverse exploration that Loki could use. Maybe Loki shows up in Multiverse of Madness as a guest character. That would blow up the movie wide open, opening up the doors for a possible Doctor Strange/Wanda Maximoff team up with Loki in Loki Season 2.



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