Marvel Villains The X-Men Are Lucky Enough To Have Never Faced


The legendary X-Men is one of Marvel’s most celebrated, beloved superhero teams. X-men have had their fair share of enemies they’ve had to fight off. The unending list includes Mister Sinister, Apocalypse, Juggernaut, and many others!. However, there is no doubt that many enemies the X-men haven’t confronted are still out. Here’s a list of 7 high-profile villains we’d love to see the guys tackle!

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7. Baron Helmut Zemo: Zemo, popularly known as Captain America‘s arch-nemesis, is still to take the X-men on. Zemo’s Nazi beliefs and his hunger for power make the X-Men a considerable hurdle, in need of extermination. Though Zemo has yet to play his card, the audience keeps themselves entertained just by the likes of it.

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6. The Maestro: Though he’s essentially Hulk’s problem, The Maestro is one of the greatest threats to marvel heroes. His motivations to wreak havoc on earth and establish a regime of cruelty make him a unique, dangerous super-villain. He has faced the Hulk and Spiderman too. We’d love to see the comic heroes take him on!

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5. Annihilus: Though he has almost wiped out reality, the X-men have been out of his picture. He has been a worthy foe to the Fantastic Four. However, even though he has been in close contact with Blastaar, a known enemy of the X-men, Annihilus never brushed past them. We can only hope for a battle soon enough!

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4. The Sinister Six Team: Popularly termed the Sinister Six, a group of spiderman villains. Including Venom, Doc-ock, and others, these rogue villains have never had a run-in with the X-men. United, these antagonists might stand a chance against the heroes. Who knows!

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3. Dormammu: Dormammu has never crossed the X-men’s path, the notorious ruler of the dark dimension. He has been a threat to many Marvel heroes, including the Avengers and the defenders. Though he did confront S.W.O.R.D, a closely related team of X-men, he’s never really fought them directly!

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2. Galactus: The devourer of worlds, Galactus has never had a run-in with the X-men. Although they have encountered him during the secret wars, the X-men secluded themselves from the conflict. However, that hardly counts as a fight! This foe of Thor has a lot of skill and some great powers he showcases on the battlefield. He’d be a perfect match for the X-men.

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1. Thanos: For all of the chaos and bloodshed he’s wreaked across the Marvel Universe, Thanos has never actually fought our heroes. Although in several visions of the future, it has been implied that Thanos will have a showdown with the X-men, nothing has been confirmed. Instead, the heroes are likely to cross paths with this mad titan, the destroyer of all!!

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What are other villains you think the heroes should have a run-in with?


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