Marvel’s Strongest Hulk May Already Be In The MCU (& It’s Not Bruce Banner)

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Marvel has done their fair share of work on giving Hulk a credible character development arc. Starting out as a mindless rage monster, Banner’s alter ego has evolved into a planetary gladiator and a jaded intellectual. But his newest role might be something none of us could have ever expected. Hulk could become father to the strongest Hulk to have ever existed. That’s right. The Marvel Cinematic Universe could be home to the greatest green goliath in existence.


Say Hello To Skaar – Wielder Of The Old Power


Skaar’s origins are tied to Hulk’s Planet Hulk story line. After the Illuminati decide the Hulk is too big a threat and must be dispatched, they send Bruce Banner into the abyss of outer space. The Hulk, un-killable as he is, does not let banner die. The Hulk’s ship crash lands on Sakaar, a desolate wasteland ruled by a tyrant. There the Hulk joins forces with his newly made allies and usurps the throne of Sakaar. There the Hulk got married, and fathered a child. His pregnant wife was killed by an explosion created by the Illuminati to kill the Hulk. Hulk and his Warbound travel to earth to exact revenge, resulting in the acclaimed World War Hulk story arc.

What the Hulk failed to know is that his son had survived. Now a warrior in his own right, Skaar was not happy with his father abandoning him in the middle of nowhere. At first glance, the son of Hulk does not look as powerful as Hulk himself. But he has a secret weapon – the Old Power. The Old Power is a mystical connection that connects Skaar to the planet’s energy reserves. Skaar can literally draw limitless energy from the ground beneath him. This power also makes him a great tracker, able to locate anyone on a planet by using the Old Power.


Combined with his skills and abilities as a seasoned warrior, Skaar is a force to be reckoned with. He is a dozen times stronger than the Hulk in his prime.

Why Is Skaar the Strongest Hulk

Skaar, like we said, has trained all his life to be a warrior. Unlike Bruce banner who stumbled onto the power of the Hulk, Skaar was born and bred into it. His skills as a fighter are not to be taken lightly. There’s also the Old Power, which Skaar can draw and shape at will. The Hulk may be unstoppable but he is still in essence, just a mindless beast. He has trouble remembering his past advantages like his experience in battle in Sakaar. Skaar does not suffer from any of those mental inhibitions.


Moreover, in the MCU, the Smart Hulk persona has reduced the strength of the Hulk by a huge margin. The Hulk is more docile and complacent compared to his earlier ferocious avatar. Skaar would eat the MCU’s present Hulk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

How Skaar Could exist In The MCU


The theme of passing on the mantle is getting stronger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Captain America, and Black Widow are mantles that are entertaining this concept. The Hulk could also be the next in line, considering Ruffalo and Hemsworth are the only two original Avengers actors yet to have a successor.

Here’s how the Hulk could have fathered Skaar. On his two years in his Hulk form on Sakaar, the Hulk was the Grandmaster’s greatest gladiator. He does not remember any of those days after Bruce banner takes over in Thor: Ragnarok. Within those two years, the Hulk could have been provided many comforts, including pleasures of the flesh. One of those nights could have ended up with the Hulk fathering a son he never knew existed. Up until Skaar shows up and confronts the Hulk in the MCU’s near future. Maybe the She-Hulk series could give us an answer.


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