MCU: Every Kind Of Magic Shown So Far, Explained

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Magic exists in many forms in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some of them are potent while some grant unique abilities the other forms of magic don’t.


Asgardian Magic


If science is advanced enough, it remains indistinguishable from magic to the untrained eye. Asgardians do not see magic as an art of mysticism but as a daily walk of life. Just like humanity finds science as the basis of everything, the Asgardians see science and magic as two sides of the same coin. Asgardian Magic helps them create towering structures, open portals to any realm, and control powerful magical artefacts. The Asgardian real was also home to several powerful Asgardian magical items that were lost after Surtur destroyed them all during Ragnarok. The reason Asgardian Magic ranks so low is because despite the Asgardians having studied it for millennia, it still lacks potency when compared to the feats of other forms of magic in this list.

Dark Dimension Magic

Risk Becoming A Mindless One

As the name suggests, this form of dangerous magic derives its energy from the dark dimension, the realm of Dormammu. There are several perks of using dark Dimension magic. It is more powerful and gives you several abilities regular Eldritch magic can never grant like near-immortality and invincibility. But this form of magic is a double edged sword. If you do not understand the magic in its totality, you could end up becoming one of the ‘Mindless Ones’ – slaves of Dormammu who are doomed to suffer for all eternity.


Eldritch Magic

Ancient One

The art of Eldritch Magic is seen being used by masters of the mystic arts of the human realm. The Ancient One, Doctor Strange, Wong, and Baron Mordo have at one point of time mastered this discipline. Eldritch Magic can open portals, conjure many different forms of weapons, call upon the power of ancient entities and harness the magical abilities of mystical artefacts. Unlike Asgardian mysticism, Eldritch magic-users do have access to a lot more spells, some of them being potent enough to erase the memories of the entire world or put the whole universe through an endless time loop.

Darkhold Magic


The Darkhold is an ancient scripture of magical spells that possess unspeakable power. But every spell the Book of Sins teaches you comes at a price. It’s origins are tied to an ancient demonic entity that is as old as the universe itself. The book uses dark matter in every spell it casts so it is theorized it uses dark matter as its fuel source. highly sought after by mages and non-mages alike, the Darkhold contains answers for every man or woman that comes seeking for it. And like we said, every solution it gives is incredibly powerful but there is a price. Using the Darkhold, many benefactors have created wonderful things like an entire Matrix-like construct called the Framework. Agatha Harkness used its power to break free of Wanda’s control within the Hex. It also significantly increased her powers.

Chaos Magic

Chaos Magic

A rare and highly potent form of magic, Chaos Magic is very unstable and requires an ungodly amount of discipline to master. The only reason Wanda was able to unlock this power was because of being exposed to the Mind Stone. The Scarlet Witch of legend can practice Chaos Magic has the power to end the world. If the prophecies are true, Wanda holds insurmountable power. Westview’s Hex Anomaly was just the beginning. Chaos magic gives Wanda to rewrite reality as she sees fit. If she manages to get a grasp of the true extent of her chaos magic, no one in this world can stop her. And that includes Doctor Strange.



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