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Moon Knight Episode 5 Hints Marc Summons Final New Moon Knight Suit

Moon Knight Episode 5
Moon Knight Episode 5

Moon Knight Episode 5 is here and with it, we have all new revelations. The world of Moon Knight has turned upside down. Arthur Harrow is almost about to resurrect Ammit. Marc and Steven are stuck between a rock and a hard place. There’s no sign of Layla. And to top it off, we may be looking at a classic Catch-22 situation in Moon Knight Episode 5 that will carried forward to Episode 6. Between all this hullabaloo, we may have some good news. Moon Knight Episode 5 hints that Marvel fans are about to witness a whole new phenomenon. Marc Spector may be about to summon a new Moon Knight suit.

Moon Knight Episode 5
(L-R): Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector and Steven Grant, and Taweret (voiced by Antonia Salib)

SPOILERS AHEAD: Major Spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 5 Up Ahead…….

Moon Knight Episode 5: A Quick Recap

Moon Knight Episode 5 - Marc Becomes Moon Knight For the First Time
Moon Knight Episode 5 – Marc Becomes Moon Knight For the First Time

Marc and Steven found themselves in a psychiatric ward of some sort. Every character Marv has encountered till now as Moon Knight is a either a patient or someone who works there, including ‘Doctor’ Arthur Harrow. As Harrow tries to get Marc to open up to Steven, a whole new can of worms open up. Marc keeps transitioning between the psych ward mental plane and the Duat, the Egyptian underworld that leads to the Field of Reeds – the Egyptian version of Paradise.

Moon Knight Episode 5 - Taweret's Boat to the Afterlife
Moon Knight Episode 5 – Taweret’s Boat to the Afterlife

The Hippo Goddess Taweret reveals that Marc and Steven are dead and they are about to be judged. The scales of justice will measure them and if the results are unfavorable, they will be thrown into the eternals sands of the Duat were there souls shall remain frozen forever. But the scales remain in imbalance. So Taweret instructs them to go back into their memories and try to get closure. Exciting plot twists come up. Steven realizes Marc had an abusive mother who blamed him for the death of her youngest son. Steven is a make believe personality that a young Marc came up with to suffer the abuse his mother’s abuse.

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Moon Knight Episode 5 Ending
Moon Knight Episode 5 Ending

Marc, Steven, and Taweret are almost at the Gates of Osiris when the scales pass their judgment and the souls of the Duat come for the both of them. Steven loses his footing while trying to save Marc and falls into the sands, becoming frozen in time. Marc must continue his journey on his own as the Scales pass a new judgment. With Steven gone, Marc finally has closure and he passes onto the Field of Reeds.

Episode 5 Heavily Hints Marc Gets An All New Moon Knight Suit

Moon Knight Weapons
Moon Knight – A New Suit?

While Moon Knight episode 5’s highlight is definitely Steven being lost to the Duat, we are forgetting another major reveal. Marc’s scales are finally in order. There’s no longer chaos in him, like Arthur Harrow had said in the first episode. And that changes things. Up until now, there were two Moon Knight suits. One was the ceremonial armor that Marc Spector summoned. And then there was the Mr. Knight suit that Steven Grant wore. In an earlier interview with Entertainment Tonight, Oscar Isaac was asked if the Moon Knight suit changes itself based on which persona is under control.

“It’s very possible. You’ll have to keep watching to find out.”

Theory: Marc Summons New, More Complete Moon Knight Suit

Moon Knight Suit
Moon Knight Suit

The scales of justice show that Marc now has closure and is now pure of heart. In a way, Marc is a whole new person. He no longer relies on Steven to become his stress-ball. Marc has come to terms with his past and that has change dhim, made him more complete.

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When Marc does return back to the land of the living, he will summon a whole new, more complete Moon Knight suit. If you ask us, this is what the entire 5 episodes have been building up to – to help Marc Spector become whole again and show us his final Moon Knight form in all his glory.

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