My Hero Academia Theory Seemingly Confirms Long-standing Rumor about Secret 2nd Hero Traitor in UA after Hawks

Seems like this one My Hero Academia rumor was true.

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  • In the My Hero Academia fandom, there's a long-standing rumor about a second U.A. traitor besides Yuga Aoyama, who allegedly leaked school secrets to the League of Villains.
  • A theory suggests that Fumikage Tokoyami was the supposed second traitor, influenced specifically by the Dark Shadow Nomu, planted inside him by the League of Villains.
  • This theory speculates that Dark Shadow's actions, including leaking information to the villains, may stem from its origin as a child with a compatible quirk.
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Just like almost every other popular story in the manga world, My Hero Academia has some mysteries of its own. Although Kohei Horikoshi sensei perfectly plans every scene in a manner that no detail escapes notice, some strings have still seemingly been left undone, with rumors springing up every now and then in an attempt to unveil all those mysteries.

My Hero Academia.
My Hero Academia.

One of these long-standing rumors was about the secret second Hero Traitor in the U.A. after Yuga Aoyama, who spilled the secrets of the school to the League of Villains in the saga. This rumor claimed that someone else betrayed the school too, besides Hawks and Yuga, and unfortunately, one fan theory even seemingly manages to confirm the rumor.

My Hero Academia Theory Ostensibly Confirms One Long-Standing Rumor

Among all the rumors popping up about the My Hero Academia world, one that has long been passed along in the fandom is that Yuga Aoyama wasn’t the only one from the Heroes League who ended up betraying the heroes by spilling the school’s secrets to the League of Villains (even though he did it reluctantly).


Now, one theory from a Redditor seemingly confirms that it was Fumikage Takoyami who was the second U.A. Traitor. However, according to the theory, Tsukuyomi never did it intentionally, and it was instead a Nomu (the deceased humans who have been revitalized to include multiple quirks and superhuman abilities) planted into him that forced him to.

Fumikage Takoyami in the saga.
Fumikage Takoyami in the saga.

This Nomu was the Dark Shadow Nomu, as per the theory shared by Redditor Ashlorian on the forum r/BokuNoHeroAcademia. Here’s what the theory exactly states:

“Dark Shadow is a nomu that was planted into Tokoyami. It was Dark shadow that gave the information to the League of Villains without Tokoyami knowing.”

Thus, according to this theory, this Nomu was seemingly planted into Tsukuyomi by the League of Villains, simply because they wanted to get their hands on some of the heroes’ leaked information — just like how Hawks delivered the body of Best Jeanist to Dabi just to get into the League of Villains to gather intel on them and help the Heroes League.


This Theory Also Claims Why Dark Shadow Acts the Way it Does

Besides putting Tsukuyomi forward as the secret second U.A. Traitor without even knowing that he had betrayed the heroes, this theory from the Redditor further seemingly explains the reasoning behind the Dark Shadow acting this way, which eventually resulted much to the antagonists’ advantage in My Hero Academia.

The Dark Shadow Nomu.
The Dark Shadow Nomu.

According to what the Redditor continued to explain about the possible disturbing reason behind the Dark Shadow Nomu’s working this way in the same theory:

“A possible disturbing reason why Dark Shadow acts the way it does, is that its mind has come from a child with a compatible quirk.”

Needless to say, all of this fits perfectly in place with these rumors and seemingly proves that it was indeed Tsukuyomi who was the second U.A. Traitor from the Heroes League. But a lot of counterarguments can erupt on this, nonetheless, and until Kohei Horikoshi sensei himself confirms it, we might as well take this theory with a pinch of salt.


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