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Naughty Dog Reveal Update On New ‘The Last of Us’ Game- It is Not Good News

Naughty Dog has finally given an update on the rumoured The Last of Us multiplayer game that has been in development over the past three years, and it is not good news for fans who were expecting to see it anytime soon. ‘The Last of Us’ multiplayer game is to serve as a standalone sequel to the much beloved Factions MP online mode found in the original The Last of Us.

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The developer released a statement on social media concerning the future of the game as well as the official confirmation of an upcoming new untitled single-player experience, that Naughty Dog will share with the public soon.

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For those not familiar with the original Factions MP it was an online multiplayer mode where players led a clan of survivors through 12 in-game weeks as either Fireflies or Hunters. Each online match played counted as one day and gave the players opportunities to gather supplies to fuel the clan’s growth and progress.

Factions MP also included mechanics from the main campaign of the Last of Us such as crafting unique items to be used against enemies and the Listen Mode mechanic, which was only limited to a few seconds. Packed in with these familiar mechanics were also fun and varied game modes such as last-man-standing and interrogation.

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The Last of Us faction’s sequel will most likely take the mechanics from 2020’s Award-winning The Last of Us Part Two and apply them to a fast-paced multiplayer environment. Previous gameplay elements that could feature from The Last of Us Part Two, would be in-game work benches and dynamic damage that affect a player’s mobility and health i.e. The player may be impaled by an arrow, which will decrease their health meter and disables Listen Mode until the arrow is removed.

These gameplay elements as well as other features that will be unveiled as more details are revealed about the game could lead The Last of Us Multiplayer game to be one of the most immersive online experiences we’ve ever seen.

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With the extra time taken to work and polish the game, it could explain Naughty Dog’s absence from this year’s PlayStation Showcase event. As despite multiple leaks pointing towards The Last of Us Multiplayer game showing up in some form or another, no new details were given about the project.

Naughty Dog’s decision to hold off revealing any new details for the game other than that they’ll “continue to work on the project”, is most likely the correct one to make. In the current over-saturated game environment with recent triple AAA releases such as Cyberpunk 2077, Pokémon Scarlett and Violent and Redfall all have failed to deliver on launch due to numerous glitches and game-breaking bugs caused due to a rushed development schedule.

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What are your thoughts on Naughty Dog’s decision? What do you think Naughty Dogs’ upcoming new single-player game will be? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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