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‘No way in hell we miss this’: Fans Rally in Support as Hospitalized Marvel Star Jeremy Renner Urges Fans To Watch ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ S2

Fans Rally in Support as Hospitalized Marvel Star Jeremy Renner Urges Fans To Watch 'Mayor of Kingstown' S2

Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner’s New Year’s Day couldn’t have been any worse. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s bow & arrow superhero was clearing driveways of the heavy snow back at his home in Nevada, an unfortunate mishap led to his snowcat (which he used to clear the snow) running him over after it rolled away from him.

The 52-year-old actor injured himself in an attempt to get back into his snowcat, but thankfully got the medical attention required as emergency medical services rushed to the scene to help Renner who was later airlifted to a hospital in Reno. And now, he’s getting all the love from fans of the MCU for the second season of the TV series Mayor of Kingstown, and is someone cutting onions?

Jeremy Renner FandomWire
Jeremy Renner

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Jeremy Renner’s Fans Hype Up The Second Season Of Mayor Of Kingstown

Soon after getting hospitalized, Jeremy Renner had to undergo two surgeries to treat his injuries. It’s amazing to have someone who really loves you, like a partner, but imagine you have thousands, even better, millions of people who love you for what you do. Well, Renner has got to be one lucky man- as each one of his fans is hyping up the second season of Mayor of Kingstown, a thriller series in which he plays a mayor called Mike McLusky.

Jeremy Renner FandomWire
Jeremy Renner

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Currently still hospitalized, Renner posted on Twitter where he asked his fans about what they think of the new season of Mayor of Kingstown, and to no one’s  surprise, everyone was head over heels in support of the new season of the thriller series-

Keeping a reminder-

This user is sold-

They’ll watch it for sure-

An exceptional compliment-

Caught watching! –

Such an outpouring of love and support for the 52-year-old MCU star is warming everyone’s hearts, and his heart definitely is.

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Jeremy Renner Shares The Progress Of His Recovery

The New Year’s Day snowplow scare was quite the close call for Jeremy Renner, and fans are ever worried about the Hawkeye actor’s health status. But fans need not worry as the man himself has shared a video from his hospital bed showing some great progress in his recovery to full health.

Jeremy Renner FandomWire
Jeremy Renner

In the video which he shared on his Instagram story, Renner showed himself being taken into a room for a medical scan with “I wish you all a very special night” written over it. To calm the nerves of fans, sources reported that the actor is well on his way to recovery as “Jeremy is making positive progress”, however, it is “a long road to recovery.”

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It’s a thankful miracle that the Hawkeye star has survived the whole situation, and despite coming out of it injured, his recovery is progressively getting better and that’s a great thing too!

Mayor of Kingstown is currently available for streaming on Paramount+.

Source: Twitter

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