Popular Celebs Other Than Tom Cruise Who Are Involved With Scientology

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One of the most controversial religions in the world, and intensely secretive, the Church of Scientology was founded in 1953 by American author L. Ron Hubbard. Numerous Celebrities have been recruited by the Church of Scientology throughout the years. Additionally, the controversial religion runs Celebrity Centres, or special churches that are open to the public, but mostly cater to “artists, politicians, leaders of the industry, sports figures, and anyone with the potential to affect change in the world,” according to the church’s website.


We’re all familiar with outspoken celebrity Scientologist and advocates of the religion such as Tom Cruise. But many other popular celebrities belong to the religion, and some credit their success directly to it.

John Travolta

Popular Celebs Who Are Involved With Scientology | FandomWire
Source: The Independent

A lot like Tom Cruise, John Travolta is very much outspoken about his involvement with Scientology and is also listed as one of the most successful Scientologists on the religion’s website. He even produced and starred in a sci-fi film, “Battlefield Earth,” adapting the novel of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. In a 2015 interview with ABC News’ Amy Robach, he credited Scientology with saving his life and helping him save the lives of others.


“Forty years for me, I’ve been part — and I’ve loved every minute of it, and my family has done so well with it,” he explained. “It’s a beautiful thing for me and I’ve saved lives with it. Saved my own life several times.” 

Jenna Elfman

Popular Celebs Are Involved With Scientology | FandomWire
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For more than three decades now, Jenna Elfman has been a Scientologist. She is best known for her role as June in Fear the Walking Dead and her previous role as Dharma in Dharma and Greg. Elfman shared her relationship with the practice with People in an interview published in August 2018. It has helped her to balance her family life and Hollywood career, according to her, and has also affected her marriage positively.

“I use it every single day of my life and it keeps me energized and vivacious and happy,” the actor shared. She also once stated that she wants to make Scientology accessible to everyone as she believes it her ‘duty to clear the planet’.


Danny Masterson

Popular Celebs Who Believe In Scientology | FandomWire
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Danny Masterson is famous for his role as Steven Hyde in That 70s Show. In addition to his brother, actor Christopher Masterson, the Men at Work star and DJ was raised a Scientologist. “Each service in Scientology is something I have added to my toolbox of data for living,” Danny quoted on the church’s website. 

In June 2020, Danny was charged with three counts of rape, after which Remini tweeted, “This is just the beginning Scientology, your days of getting away with it is coming to an end!” Although, Danny has denied the allegations and maintained his innocence.

Nancy Cartwright

Celebs Who Are Involved With Scientology | FandomWire
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Nancy Cartwright, known for her voice role as Bart Simpson, is a major Scientology supporter. She’s not only an ardent believer but also a huge donor. Scientology has acknowledged Cartwright as a Patron Laureate in 2007 after he donated $10 million to the International Association of Scientologists.


Juliette Lewis

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Academy Award nominee for her role in Cape Fear, Juliette Lewis was raised into the religion by actor and father Geoffrey Lewis, who is a Scientologist. She has many thoughts about (and against) pharmaceutical companies, even the ones that supply antidepressants and ADHD medications. She has also taken to press to voice her opinions regarding this, just like Tom Cruise, claiming that these companies are controlling the mainstream media. 

“The thing about Scientology is it is anti-drug in that you’re seeking a relationship or communication tools—simple basics on how to live better,” Lewis said in an interview with The Daily Beast.



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