Popular Video Game Characters That Were Total Accidents


Video games are highly popular in today’s time. They have given us some of the most memorable and loved characters. Like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, and Kratos are some of the famous protagonists. It takes a lot to develop video games, a lot of planning, designing the character, and giving them a story too, sometimes. But there are some characters in video games that are accidentally created. But still, they become fan favorites. Developing video games is a tough process, tougher than films and shows. So it is always possible to have some accidents here and there. And yet these accidents create some really popular video game characters.

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Luigi was created by accident

Luigi was a video game character created by accident

Yes, you read it right, the popular video game character from Mario was created by accident. In 1993, when Mario became a two-player game, a Mario of a different color was introduced. Based on his appearance, he was only intended to be a different version of Mario. But later he developed into a separate character. So, he was given a different appearance from Mario and also a different personality. In fact, the spin-off, Luigi’s Mansion is the most popular of the Mario series.


Palette Swapped Fighters of Mortal Kombat weren’t intended

Ermac was created by accident in video game

Due to some technical limitations, in the beginning, Mortal Kombat faced difficulties creating multiple characters. So they only recolored the Scorpion to create other characters. But the most fascinating among them is the story of Ermac. His name is the abbreviation of Error Macro. He was among the characters who were a part of the earliest arcade version of the game. The players were so interested in him that he became the origin point of an urban legend of the red lad ninja. Now he is one of the most popular video game characters. Sometimes, mistakes can turn out to be great.

Gouken was created by error

Gouken is a video game character created by accident

From the Street Fighter series, Gouken is one of the popular video game characters created based on an accident. The urban legend of Sheng Long, which was the misinterpretation of Japanese dialogue, turned into the worst prank on video game fans. The Electronic Gaming Monthly published an article about him. But it was just an April Fool’s Day prank. It devastated the fans, but Capcom noticed, They created a character similar to Sheng Long named Gouken. which was introduced in Street Fighter IV. And he is now one of the most popular characters in the game.


Mario is a happy accident

Mario is a video game character created by accident

To anyone who is a true video game, the story of Mario is not unknown. Mario became the biggest gaming series from a very humble beginning. The Donkey King was his debut game and he was introduced as JumpMan. After a few appearances in the Donkey Kong, he was developed as the mustached plumber named Mario. It borrowed from the JumpMan and was created into a new version. The version that reigns over the video gaming world. In fact, Shigeru Miyamoto had planned not to write the character as he might not resonate with the fans. But it turned out to be quite the opposite.

Dark Pit was created by mistake

Dark Pit was created by accident in video game
Dark Pit

It is not new that a Nintendo character gets a corrupted version of itself. Something similar happened to Pit, the protagonist of the Kid Icarus game series. Dark Pit is the clone and evil version of him. The two have quite a few battles in Kid Icarus: Uprising which came out in 2013. Dark Pit looks exactly like Pit with his hair, wings, and robes having a deeper black color. In fact, Nintendo created the character before they knew that they had.


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