Starfield Update Detailed – Is Bethesda Pulling a Cyberpunk 2077 and Bringing the ‘Generational’ Game Up to Its Own Lofty Expectations?

Starfield is about to get a much needed upgrade.

Starfield by Bethesda


  • Bethesda Game Studios will finally enable 60 fps for Starfield on Xbox Series X.
  • The Shattered Space expansion is set to be released later this fall.
  • Starfield players will be getting more quality-of-life improvements later this month.
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Starfield is a dream project for Bethesda Game Studios, and the Fallout developers have shed blood, sweat, and tears into developing this ambitious space title. However, the technical drawbacks have overshadowed the game and the studio will be releasing a much-needed update soon.


Patches and updates are common for video games nowadays, and some of them greatly improve the quality of life from a visual standpoint. And now it seems Bethesda is taking a page out of Cyberpunk 2077’s book, making the game look even better than it ever did before.

Starfield Is About to Get a Massive Visual and Performance Boost

Bethesda Game Studios will fix one major issue fans had with Starfield.
Bethesda Game Studios will fix one major issue fans had with Starfield.

The CEO of Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard, was brought on the Kinda Funny podcast hosted by Greg Miller, and he revealed that a new update for the game will be rolling out this month and even hinted at the release date of the Shattered Space expansion. From the quality of life and ship customization to the frame rate, this update is big for fans of the game.


The game can be played on the Xbox Series X, the most powerful Microsoft console of the current generation. However, it has disappointed players greatly since it fails to exceed 30 frames per second.

But now, with the new update, players can choose to prioritize the game’s visuals or performance. This means that Starfield can now run at a targeted 60 frames per second, which is a significant improvement, and can now put the comparisons with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth to rest.


The expectations are high for a current-generation game from a well-respected developer like Bethesda, but the initial version of the title left a bad first impression. This update is a welcome change, as it seems the developers have put a lot of effort into this patch.

The Shattered Space Expansion Will Look Better With the Latest Starfield Update

Starfield Shattered Space will reportedly be released later this fall.
Shattered Space will reportedly be released later this fall.

The developers have also an emphasis on improving the UI of the game to make it far more convenient for players with resource management. Along with new difficulty settings and New Game+, Bethesda is doing its best to increase the player count before the launch of the expansion.

Early purchasers of the video game might now get their money’s worth and with this new update rolling out later in the month, it could attract new players and invite returning gamers to experience the new improvements.


The gaming community can be strong supporters and also harsh critics. There are now benchmarks or requirements that developers need to reach before receiving the community’s seal of approval. CD Projekt Red got the short end of the stick by releasing Cyberpunk 2077 too soon, but redeemed itself with major updates that improved the game.

Bethesda is in the same boat and this update will prove that they are competent game developers who are capable of making great games. Are you excited about the update and Starfield Shattered Space? Let us know in the comments section below!


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