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Superhero Actors Who Have Fought WWE Stars

Superhero Actors Who Have Fought WWE Stars

One of the most popular entertainment present in the US, today, is WWE. It is widely followed across the globe and is hugely famous. Many wrestlers have gained so much popularity that they’ve become a part of movies and TV shows as well. Many wrestlers have even become a part of superhero movies. Most recently John Cena has starred in Peacemaker and The Rock is set to star in Black Adam. But what if these two worlds collide in the wrestling ring. Well, they have a few times. Here are a few superhero actors who have fought WWE stars.

Hugh Jackman has been in the ring twice

Hugh Jackman superhero actors fought WWE stars
Hugh Jackman

One of the most popular superhero actors, Hugh Jackman has always been a fan of action. Best known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men franchise, the actor has maintained a healthy physique and was also a sports teacher before becoming an actor. But if you ever doubt his strength you can go watch him fight against WWE wrestlers. Once he took down, knocked out Ziggler in the ring because he foul-slapped Zack behind the referee’s back. And another time was when he hip-tossed Damian Sandow.

Arnold Schwarzenegger fought Triple H

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of thesuperhero actors who fought WWE stars
Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Hollywood star, Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for his role in The Terminator. Some of his other works include Predator, Total Recall, and True Lies. But the actor has some history in the athlete world. He is one of the best bodybuilding athletes. He is also inducted into the WWE Wall of Fame. Once, while attending a match, Triple H attempted to punch him because he had helped Stone Cold, but the celebrity dodged, and it kinda backfired for the wrestler. As the actor took him down with a few slaps and punches.

Stephen Amell attacked Stardust

Stephen Amell is one of the actors who fought WWE stars
Stephen Amell

Known for playing The Green Arrow for CW Arrows, Stephen Amell is the only complete wrestler on the list. The Arrowverse has built a huge franchise. Among the superhero actors, this one is a lifelong fan of wrestling. And has made an appearance in 2015’s WWE and 2017’s Ring of Honor. He is also a member of the Bullet Club and The Elite. The actor during his 2015 appearance had a fight in the ring with the wrestler Stardust. He hit the player after being assaulted by him till contained by security.

Shaquille O’ Neal had a face-off with Big Show

Shaquille O' Neal is one of the superhero actors who fought WWE stars
Shaquille O’ Neal

The famous basketball player, Shaquille O’ Neal has played the role of Steel in the 1997 movie of DC. The superhero actor and the four-time NBA champion have also appeared a few times at WWE. But the biggest highlight among all his appearances has been his face-off with Big Show. In the 2011 tag team match, Big Show gave the actor a chokeslam to which the actor later responded with a strong attack and threw out the wrestler from the ring. It is never safe to challenge a basketball player anyway.

Mickey Rourke was challenged by Chris Jericho

Mickey Rourke is a superhero actors who fought WWE stars
Mickey Rourke

Known for playing the supervillain Whiplash of Marvel, Mickey Rourke is a boxer who later turned into an actor. He has also acted in a number of popular movies like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. And also has won awards for his acting. With the history of boxing, it would be only dumb for a wrestler to challenge him into a match. But Chris Jericho did that. And he had to pay the price for it. Not only did the incident make him look dumb but the boxer was heavily embarrassed by it. The boxer turned actor, after being challenged, did a few boxing demonstrations. And then knocked the wrestler out cold. The wrestler left the ring right after while the actor celebrated.

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