Superhero Movies Where The Supervillain Actually Won (But No One Noticed)

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No matter how much hardship our superheroes have to face, at the end of the day, they win. That is how we see superhero movies. That is why they are considered heroes and those against them are villains. Superheroes are meant to save the day by defeating the villains. But sometimes supervillains do not actually lose. Though it is not what we expect, it does happen. In the most subtle way possible. It is done in a way that makes it all believable. Here are a few times when Supevillains won in Superhero movies and no one noticed.


The Joker won in Dark Knight

The Joker won in Dark Knight superhero movies
The Joker

The only thing Joker ever wanted was to watch the world burn. And that the people of Gotham city lose hope. And that is what he got. The Dark Knight is remembered as one of the greatest superhero movies of all time. And the portrayal of Joker by Heath Ledger even won an Academy Award. Though the Jester King of Gotham was captured in the end, he got what he wanted. He turned the White Knight of Gotham, Harvey Dent, into an irredeemable villain. Also, Batman had to take the blame for his murder. Gotham city was never the same again.

Surtur actually won in Thor: Ragnarok

Surtur actually won in Thor: Ragnarok superhero movies

Ragnarok meant the destruction of Asgard, and that is what happened at the end of the movie. Though it was done as a measure to defeat Hela and save the people of the planet from her tyrant rule. Surtur’s crown was in Odin’s Vault and could be used to summon him. When Hela wreaks havoc and Thor’s powers aren’t enough to beat her, they devise a plan, that is Ragnarok. And as Surtur is the one who is prophesied to do it, Loki summons him. This helps them kill Hela but it also destroys the planet, not even a small piece of it is left to save. Exactly like Surtur wanted.


HYDRA won in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Hydra is a supervillain that won in superhero movies

You might be wondering how exactly did that happen. From the very beginning of the movie, it has been obvious that S.H.I.E.L.D. was keeping secrets from Captain America. So he, along with Black Widow, goes on hunting for answers themselves. This leads to them finding out that HYDRA has infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. and is going to use their helicarriers to kill potential threats. This leads to a battle. Though Captain America, Black Widow, and Falcon manage to defeat them and fail their plan, HYDRA gets its revenge on S.H.I.E.L.D. Because of the infiltration, they end up losing a lot of members and it is also disbanded at the end of the film.

Loki got what he wanted in Thor: The Dark World

Loki got what he wanted in Thor: The Dark World superhero movies

In all Thor movies, it is, in some way, Loki’s fault. In Thor: The Dark World, Loki is locked up in Asgard’s prison for his actions in The Avengers movie. But after the death of their mother Friga, who was killed by the Dark Elf Kurse, the two brothers team up. They have to stop the Dark Elves from fulfilling their plan and save the order of the nine realms. And prevent Malekeith from using Aether. Thor succeeds to do so, but Loki ends up dying. But in reality, he was faking it. He goes back to Asgard, gets rid of Odin, and disguises as Odin himself to rule the planet. And no one even notices.

Zemo won in Captain America: Civil War

Zemo won in Captain America: Civil War superhero movies

The key cause of everything that transpired in the superhero movie was Zemo. He was the one who caused the blast at the UN building and presented it to be no other than Winter Soldier or Bucky Barnes. Helmut Zemo was a Sokovian who lost his family due to the menace caused by Ultron and the Avengers in Age of Ultron. So to get his revenge he devises a plan to destroy the Avengers. And that is what he got. The Avengers ended up splitting up. He made Captain America and Iron Man go against each other and fight like ruthless enemies.


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