NBCUniversal Pulls ‘The Office’ From Netflix

Whether or not Netflix has had the rug pulled from under their feet or they tried to lull audiences into a false sense of security, their claim that The Office isn’t being pulled has been proven false as NBC are taking the hit U.S. sitcom from the streaming service next year.

The hit Greg Daniels-created sitcom has become a staple of pop-culture and general television viewing as it remains relevant and in its own league despite being around more new and current shows.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, all nine seasons of the show will be made available at The Office’s new home spanning the show’s entire run from 2005 – 2013.

The same report serves as a reminder that the as yet unnamed NBCUniversal streaming service will be available at a $12 subscription with an ad-supported version being available to pay-TV subscribers at no additional cost.

Netflix was quick to respond to the loss of The Office by reminding audiences that they still have a deal with NBC through 2020. In the statement Netflix exclaims their sorrow at losing such a hit show but assured subscribers that they can binge-watch the series as many times as they can until January 2021.

This isn’t the first fans have heard of NBCUniversal claiming back their property, as two months ago there were rumblings of such an action happening as NBC issued a statement saying that NBCUniversal leased out The Office to Netflix years ago, but now they’re getting their own streaming service it is time they claim their property back.

NBCUniversal is not the first company to cause friction with the streaming giant, as Disney, readying to launch their own streaming service Disney+ immediately cut ties with Netflix and had all of their original content pulled. Netflix did respond by cancelling its Marvel series of shows but that could also be seen as a Disney action given the shows were connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Regardless, it seems that just like the War of the Seven Kingdoms in Game of Thrones, we may soon be in for a War of the Streaming Services. As fans, we wait in anticipation.

The complete series of The Office is currently available to stream on Netflix but will be moved to NBCUniversal’s propriety streaming service in 2021.