In Avengers: Endgame, we saw Steve Rogers hand his shield to Sam Wilson. In doing so, he passed the mantle of Captain America onto Falcon which is a hefty burden to bear. However, during a recent episode of Fatman Beyond, Marc Bernardin, has stated that the government has other ideas on who should fill Roger’s shoes.

Bernardin’s claims should be taken with a grain of salt. He claimed that he read this information but did not say where he got it. As a Hollywood writer, it is possible that he saw the script but it is also possible that he read a rumor or theory online. Nonetheless, he appeared confident.

It would be entirely fitting for Sam Wilson to oppose the government in the upcoming Disney+ show. In the comics, he separates from SHIELD after a hacker known as Whisperer sheds light on some shady government projects. One of these is a secret supervillain prison located at Pleasant Hill.

Falcon decided that it would be better if Captain America was independent as he could act more freely. With Wilson taking Roger’s side in Captain America: Civil War in opposing the accords, this would be incredibly easy to adapt into the show.

Who would the government choose, then?

It can’t be Bucky Barnes as he was a wanted man the last time we saw him. This is because he was a brainwashed HYDRA operative who went under the alias ‘Winter Soldier’.

This means that Steve Roger’s stand-in will likely be a new character altogether. There have been rumors that the U.S. Agent will be making an appearance and, if true, he is almost certainly going to be their choice to replace Rogers.

For those who don’t know him, he is a government loyalist who can’t stand Captain America or the other caped crusaders. John Walker went under the previously mentioned alias but he also called himself the ‘Super-Patriot’ which sported a costume just as corny as the name.

However, at one point, he did take the mantle of Captain America. This is why it is almost certain that, if Bernadin’s claims are true and if the rumors that U.S. Agent will be making an appearance are true, that he will be the government’s own captain America.

It’ll be interesting to see how Zemo fits into all of this. Perhaps Walker, Wilson and Barnes will have to put their differences aside to stop the masked lunatic. Until more information comes out, this is all baseless speculation.

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