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WandaVision: 35 Mind-Blowing Details You May Have Missed

There are numerous hidden details in every episode of WandaVision that you might haven’t noticed. Every detail counts and plays a major role. So, here are the top 35 hidden details of WandaVision.

1) WandaVision beautifully portrays how Wanda goes through the five stages of grief such as denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

2) The phone number on the “for sale” board near Wanda and Vision’s house is another hidden detail. The last three digits of the phone number is in fact related to Avengers #125.

3) In the first episode when Vision brings Wanda into their house, he almost trips over a sofa which is a remembrance to “The Dick Van Dyke Show”. In the show, Rob always tripped over the Ottoman.

4) When Wanda accidentally throws a plate onto Vision’s head, she comments that her husband has an indestructible head. This scene showcases how Wanda makes a sarcastic remark about Vision’s head. She refers to how his skull wasn’t indestructible when Thanos wanted the mind stone.

5) Wanda magically serves French wine from the bottle that reads ‘Maison Du Mepris’, which means ‘House of Contempt’. Here the ‘M’ in the logo refers to the House of M comics.

6) S.W.O.R.D. logo is first spotted at the end of the first episode. It was also present on the helicopter which Wanda finds in the bushes in the second episode.

7) The opening credit scenes of Episode 2 ‘Don’t touch that Dial’ is indeed a reference to the opening credits of ‘Bewitched’.

8) In the black and white episodes, only red color is visible. This clearly indicated the presence of Chaos Magic and Wanda’s powers.

9) The association of red color with Scarlet Witch made its appearance very significant. In Episode 8, you can notice that the couch, the outline of the T.V, and little Wanda, all are in red.

10) In Episode 2, the watch in the advertisement is connected to Wolfgang von Strucker. He experimented on Pietro and Wanda using Loki’s scepter. Moreover, you can also see that the watch has ‘Hydra’ on it. 

11) The bright and colorful opening credits of Episode 3 are a reference to the opening credits of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

12) The Simser paints is a nod to Jeremy Simser. He is a storyboard artist of She-Hulk, WandaVision, and also Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

13) In a scene Vision tells Wanda that he wants to name their baby Billy. He quotes William Shakespeare’s play As you like it. It obviously connects with WandaVision because Wanda is the one who created everything and Vision is a player in it.

14) The cute little doll that Vision uses to practice changing diapers resembles with Kitty Karry-All doll from The Brady Bunch.

15) The next one is a hilarious little detail that connects Episode 1 and 3. In Episode 3, Wanda cuts the pineapple that Agnes brought in Episode 1. 

16) In Episode 3, Vision wishes that Billy should be like his mother. This might be a hidden sign that suggests Billy possesses magical powers like Wanda.

17) In Episode 4, when Monica re-materializes we can hear moments from Captain Marvel.  Especially the one where Maria says she can’t leave Monica and go to space and Carol addresses Monica by her nickname.

18) When Monica heads to S.W.O.R.D., you can notice that a news channel named WHiH World News talks about ‘The Blip’. The same news network is used throughout various MCU movies and TV shows.

19) An ornamental reference can be spotted inside the S.W.O.R.D office. It was present to  honor Maria Rambeau and was still known by her nickname ‘Photon’. 

20) At S.W.O.R.D., Hayward tells Monica that they are concentrated on working with Nanotech. Interestingly, Nanotech is the technology Tony Stark uses in Avengers: Infinity War.

21) One of the best Easter eggs is when Monica catches up with Jimmy Woo. He uses the same card trick which he wanted Scott Lang to teach him in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

22) If you observe closely, Monica’s car has numbers 8512 on it. It is connected to The Vision and The Scarlet Witch which is a 12-issue comic books. There are also similar plot lines in WandaVision.

23) In a scene where Monica uses a drone to sneak into Westview that has the number ‘57’. If you remember, Vision makes his debut in the Marvel Comics Avenger (1963) #57. The colors of the drone clearly resemble Captain Marvel’s suit. 

24) Darcy says that she found Wanda’s TV signal by picking up the relic radiation which dates back to the Big Bang. If you recall, Wanda got her superpowers from the mind stone which is the result of the Big Bang.

25) Agnes was the only resident of Westview who wasn’t identified by S.W.O.R.D. Neither was her driving license attached to her file.

26) The real name of Mrs. Hart is Sharon Davis, who is in fact the supervising art director of WandaVision.

27) The names like Leeann Patrick and Chikako Suzuki in the end credits of Episode 5 are those who really worked on WandaVision.

28) In Episode 5, Vision wears an olive checked shirt. The same shirt can be seen on Vision in The Vision comics by Tom King. 

29) When Agnes visits Wanda and Vision’s house to help Wanda with Tommy and Billy, she addresses herself as ‘Aunt Agnes’. Similarly in comics, Agatha is often referred to as ‘Aunt Agatha’.

30) If you keenly observe, there is a ‘B’ on the fridge which looks like a bear. In comics, Billy is often referred to as ‘Billy Bear’.

31) The opening credits of episode 5 are quite similar to the opening credits of Full House. In fact, Elizabeth Olsen grew up on the sets of Full House indeed.

32) In Episode 6, Billy and Tommy speak to the audience just like Malcolm did in Malcolm in the Middle.

33) Vision, Wanda, Billy, Pietro, and Tommy’s Halloween costumes are in fact a tribute to their original superhero suits in the comic books.

34) When Wanda blasts Pietro in Episode 8, you can notice ‘Janell Sammelman’ written on the plastic gravestone. Sammelman is the first assistant director of WandaVision.

35) In Episode 7, you can notice hexagon shapes on Wanda’s blanket. This is in reference to  the shape of The Hex/Westview’s town limits.

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Written by FandomWire Staff