Bardock: 5 Reasons We Need A Dragon Ball Prequel Series On Goku’s Dad

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One of the most important figures in Dragon Ball history, Bardock still remains a criminally underrated character. Here’s why we need a Bardock prequel show.


Explore His Relationship With His Wife


Female Saiyans are a rarity in the Dragon Ball universe. they are still very much a minority. On that note, Dragon Ball introducing Gine, the female Saiyan and the wife of Bardock, was a welcome addition. For long, we saw Saiyans are bloodthirsty barbarians who hop from one world to another in search of a fight. It would be nice to give us a series where they explore a saiyan’s emotional range to its fullest. Saiyan romance is something we are still not aware of fully. They are not emotional creatures. For as long as we can remember, pure Saiyans lack even basic empathy. Gine and Bardock could give the Dragon Ball fans a way out. It would be going down a path we never knew could exist.

The Heeter Force Origin Story

Heeter Force

The Heeter Force are a small group of warriors that, despite their numerical superiority, accomplish incredible things. Frieza may have his massive army but the Heeter Force use the Dragon Balls to turn the table. A Bardock Prequel series in the Dragon Ball universe could give us the Heeter Force origin story. It could add more depth to the villainous group and make them more menacing if we could relate to them. Bardock and the Heeter Force go way back. The two share a history unlike any other. It would be a good way for the show to give us the Heeter Force in their infancy. Maybe that way Goku and the Z Warriors would finally get to know how to beat Gas at his own game in the present.


Legitimize Dragon Ball Minus

Dragon Ball Minus

He is the guy who is the reason Goku exists. Despite being the very reason there are millions of anime fans in the world, Bardock seldom gets the respect he deserves. The series has done a wonderful job at overlooking the character’s importance. Dragon Ball Minus was one of those rare times when the show tried to venture into the Bardock diaries. The idea of Bardock being the first ever Super Saiyan who beats Frieza‘s ancestor and sets in motion the chain of events that lead to the Frieza saga is intriguing. Dragon Ball Minus is still in grey territory. Fans are not sure if it is canon. A Bardock prequel show could canonize Dragon Ball Minus for good.

We Know Next To Nothing About Team Bardock

Team Bardock

The Saiyans send out groups of warriors to faraway worlds. These warrior task forces are given the job of conquering those worlds. Saiyans take pride in their warrior culture that rewards violence and combat. Bardock too, was once part of a team of Saiyan warriors that conquered weaker worlds in the name of their race. We never got to see Team Bardock in action. We know literally nothing about how they function and who the characters really are. This is where, mind you, Bardock met his wife Gine. We need to know more about them.

A Younger Raditz Could Be One Of The Central Characters


When we think of Bardock, we remember him as Goku’s dad. But we forget that Bardock had two sons – Goku was the younger one. Raditz was the older brother. A young Raditz and his relationship with his father and the love for his sibling could be interesting plot points to explore. The Bardock Prequel series could show the guy training a young Raditz in the art of Saiyan combat. That is a story we would like to see happen on screen.



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