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6 Most Controversial Changes Made To Superhero Costumes In Marvel Films

Deciding a superhero’s costume for a movie is one of the most critical elements. This costume is supposed to stay around for ages, through cosplays, ComicCon, and figurines. The director must preserve the essence of the source material while also bringing in their own creativity. We must also admit that not every costume in the comic book can be translated to the big screen. Certain practical elements and physics come into play for cinemas. But changing an iconic superhero’s costume is a high-risk business. You don’t know how the fans will react. There’s no in-between. It is either a hit or a flop. Find out the 6 most controversial changes made to superhero costumes in Marvel films.


Now, there have been two Quicksilvers on the silver screen and both have sparked their own share of controversies. Though fans admired Evan Peters’ Quicksilver in X-Men more, they were far away from liking his costume. X-Men’s Quicksilver instantly went viral on the internet for the questionable silver jacket, goggles, and wig. MCU’s Quicksilver may have died from getting shot, but at least his costume was the closest to the comic books.


Ryan Reynolds had to pay a heavy premium before reaping the returns on Deadpool. The actor is basking in such bright glory that it’s hard to see the past from here. Probably that’s the best for Ryan. Before becoming a global icon with two hit Deadpool movies, Reynolds also played Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It was a supporting role but his costume and makeover were rather eyebrow-raising. Instead of the signature Deadpool red-and-black costume, he just wore a pair of maroon pants. But that wasn’t the worst part. The Merc with a Mouth also had his lips sealed.


It wasn’t until the Ant-Man sequel that the badass Hope van Dyne got to take off as the Wasp. She definitely stole the spotlight with a perfect balance in combat skills and a genius brain. While the Wasp won over the fans, her costume fuelled some debate. Some admired the director and costume team’s vision in the costume. But others had their own reasons to be upset. They questioned the suggestive pattern on the front side, while others saw a wasp’s face in those patterns. 

Fantastic Four

It’s hard to argue which Fantastic 4 film did worse. But the last Fant4stic of 2015 disappointed fans on every level, including costumes. It was genuinely sad not seeing the lead characters wear anything even close to their signature matching blue costumes even once. 


Mystique’s costume? Now that’s going to take a while to recall. The mutant has enjoyed a range of costumes on the pages, as opposed to her lack of wardrobe in the X-Men movies. But, according to claims, she wanted to demonstrate her pride and comfort in being her true self in the movies. The character did put on some costume in the X-Men: Apocalypse.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel sparked controversy even before making its cinematic debut on the MCU. Long before the trailers were out, fans were going euphoric over the highly-anticipated release of the movie. They were sniffing for any possible news, set photos, hints or speculations about the story. When Carol Danvers’ first pic came out in a green suit, it freaked out the comic book fans. But it later turned out to be a false scare. The iconic Captain Marvel thankfully kept her famous blue-and-red suit.

Written by Ipshita Barua