Disney: 5 Best & Worst Twist Villains

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Disney makes memorable characters that leave a mark on our hearts and minds. These characters include both protagonists and antagonists. What is a Hero without a villain anyway? They both go hand in hand. The trend of twist villains has overtaken Disney these days. The concept has become a recurring thing. Also, the audience has now become more vocal and smart. They are not afraid of calling them out! A good twist villain manages to surprise the audience. However, it’s easier said than done. Out of all, some good twist villains were great while some were not. So, here’s a list of 5 best and 5 worst twist villains on Disney. Check them out!


1. BEST: “Charles F. Muntz

Charles F. Muntz in "UP"
Charles F. Muntz in “UP”

He is a disgraced explorer who appears in “UP”. His curiosity and hunger for adventure turned into a vicious hunt that resulted in his death. As a twist villain, he isn’t somebody shocking. But his acting makes him a compelling villain.


AUTO from "Wall-E"
AUTO from “Wall-E”

Auto from “Wall-E” is a computerized assistant. From the moment it appears on the screen, it is obvious that it’s the antagonist. Also, AUTO is completely similar to HAL 9000 from “2001: A Space Odyssey”.


3. BEST: “Mr. Waternoose

Mr. Waternoose in "Monsters Inc."
Mr. Waternoose in “Monsters Inc.”

Mr. Waternoose from “Monsters Inc.” initially appears as a fatherly figure. But eventually, he turned into a villain and it was justified on his part.

4. WORST: “Yokai

Yokai in
Yokai in “Big Hero 6”

In Big Hero 6, Robert Callaghan was a very learned scientist and teacher. After the disappearance of his daughter, he turned into the villain Yokai. Moreover, he used his knowledge in robotics to exact revenge.

5. BEST: “King Candy/Turbo

King Candy/Turbo
King Candy/Turbo

He was the obvious villain from the start, but his reveal as Turbo made him Disney’s best twist villains. His revenge strategy was going well initially, but in the end, he lost!


6. WORST: “Dawn Bellwether

Bellwether in "Zootopia"
Bellwether in “Zootopia”

On the first watch, Zootopia’s Bellwether may appear to be Disney’s best twist villain. However, she’s not an interesting villain because of her compelling character. Moreover, she looked like a secondary character and not a villain who could make a mark! Even if Disney had given her more to do, she as a villain wouldn’t have worked.

7. BEST: “Ernesto De La Cruz

Ernesto De La Cruz in "Coco"
Ernesto De La Cruz in “Coco”

His journey from an idol to an antagonist shapes the whole film. He initially appears to be nice and friendly. However, in the end, his true colors are revealed. Moreover, he gets what he deserves to have his false legacy forgotten.

8. WORST: “Prince Hans

Prince Hans in "Frozen"
Prince Hans in “Frozen”

Prince Hans’ motives and characters weren’t explored deeply enough for the audience to feel his betrayal in the way it was intended. He was nothing but Disney’s another half-hearted twist villain.


9. BEST: “Stinky Pete

Stinky Pete in "Toy Story 2"
Stinky Pete in “Toy Story 2”

Nobody would have imagined that there will be another much smaller villain waiting for the right moment to strike. Stinky Pete in “Toy Story 2” is a twist villain. His influence as a friend-turned-foe is a head-turner in the film.

10. WORST: “Evelyn

Evelyn in "The Incredibles 2"
Evelyn in “The Incredibles 2”

Evelyn Deavor in “The Incredibles 2” is definitely Disney’s one of the worst twist villains in the last few years. Her obvious revenge plot wasn’t exciting enough to intrigue the audience. In fact, it made her role as an antagonist weak. Moreover, in the entire film, she was only seen drinking wine and looking suspicious.


Written by Sukanya Kumar Vasisht

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