“I don’t think I need any education”: Sophie Turner had to Give Her Parents a Reality Check Because of Her Time on Game of Thrones

Sophie Turner's Game of Thrones experience enlighted her knowledge on s*x education

“I don’t think I need any education”: Sophie Turner had to Give Her Parents a Reality Check Because of Her Time on Game of Thrones


  • Game of Thrones provided Sophie Turner with education surpassing even her parents' teachings.
  • Sophie Turner's role as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones raised her awareness of sex education.
  • Turner's immersion in Game of Thrones at fifteen surpassed her mother's expectations regarding her maturity.
  • Sophie Turner's involvement in adult scenes on Game of Thrones expanded her acting career's boundaries.
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Sophie Turner has become a household name in the entertainment realm, predominantly recognized for her groundbreaking portrayal in the immensely popular series Game of Thrones. Turner’s initiation into the world of GOT commenced at the tender age of thirteen, marking the onset of a transformative journey.


Throughout her tenure on the show, she absorbed a plethora of lessons, both professional and personal, owing to the immersive nature of her role.

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark
Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones

Remarkably, Turner’s education from the show extended beyond the realm of acting, encompassing a diverse array of adult themes and topics. This unexpected aspect of her learning journey came as a surprise not only to herself but also to her parents.


Sophie Turner’s Game of Thrones Learnings Left Her Parents Astonished

Sophie Turner in a still from Game of Thrones
Sophie Turner in a still from Game of Thrones

Sophie Turner‘s portrayal of Sansa Stark in the highly acclaimed, R-rated series Game of Thrones showcased her talent and versatility as an actress. Through her captivating performance, Turner brought to life the complexities and challenges faced by her character in the brutal and unforgiving world of Westeros.
Despite her young age, Turner’s involvement in Game of Thrones left no room for naivety or ignorance, even when it came to subjects as mature as s*x education.

At just fifteen years old, when her mother attempted to initiate a conversation about these topics, it was a revelation that surprised her mother more than Turner herself. Turner’s immersion in the intricacies of the show had already made her mature enough, with a high level of understanding and knowledge about s*x, and related topics.

Sophia Turner told CONAN on the TBS show,


“Well, yes. I mean, my parents sat me down when I was, like, 15, and they were like, ‘Think it’s time to talk about the birds and the bees!’ And I was like, ‘I’m on Game of Thrones! [Laughs] I know everything there is to know and more. Like, I don’t think I need any education there. I got all sussed out.”

The nature of Game of Thrones, renowned for its R-rated content featuring explicit n*dity and graphic violence, provided Turner with a crash course in adult themes and realities. Her portrayal of Sansa Stark demanded a depth of maturity and awareness far beyond typical teenage experiences.

Sophie Turner’s Journey of Growth in Game of Thrones

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark
Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark in Game of Thornes

The portrayal of nudity in Game of Thrones has long sparked debate and controversy, with many questioning its role in attracting viewers to the series. Sophie Turner, who played the role of Sansa Stark, revealed that her education on s*x was, in part, gleaned from her experiences on the show.

Turner’s exposure to explicit scenes and mature themes during her time on set served as an unconventional avenue for learning about intimate subjects. Turner told the Sunday Times,


“The first time I ever found out about oral s*x was from reading the script. I was like … ‘Wow! People do that? That’s fascinating!’ I guess that was my s*x education. Being on ‘Game of Thrones.”

However, Turner’s education on such matters was not the only aspect of her experience. She also found herself involved in some of the adult scenes within the show. Moreover, Turner’s participation in certain adult scenes pushed the boundaries of her acting career.

One of the most contentious moments in Game of Thrones was the depiction of Sansa Stark’s rape, a scene that elicited strong reactions from viewers and critics alike. This harrowing event occurred in the sixth episode titled Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken, commonly referred to as the Black Wedding.

Sansa’s marriage to Ramsay Bolton took a dark turn as she endured a brutal assault, with Ramsay subjecting her to sexual violence while compelling Theon Greyjoy to witness the horrific act. Turner’s involvement in these scenes highlighted her willingness to tackle challenging material and her dedication to bringing authenticity to her performances.


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