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The iPhone 15 Supports AAA Gaming, but Potentially Not Simple USB-C Chargers

Apple recently announced the iPhone 15 at the annual Apple event Wanderlust. It showcased how it is planning to make the upcoming iPhone 15 one of the best gaming devices with AAA titles coming to the device. The company also announced that the iPhone 15 will have USB-C ports. This change comes in compliance with the European Union order for Apple to include USB-C ports for charging.

As iPhone owners are ready to join the elite Android users in this case who have had USB-C ports for a long time now, they reportedly will not be able to charge their phones with simple USB-C chargers or Android chargers.

The iPhone 15 Will Not Support Simple USB-C Chargers

The iPhone 15 will not support Android or simple USB-C chargers, according to rumors.
The iPhone 15 will not support Android or simple USB-C chargers, according to rumors.

As per a report on Weibo, Apple has developed a USB-C port that is unique for its iPhone 15 devices coming out later this month. The company is looking to use a custom integrated circuit (IC) interface for its charging port. This will allow the iPhone 15 to authenticate the parts in the connection process, meaning that iPhone 15 users will not be able to charge their phones from Android or non-Apple chargers outside of the “Made for iPhone” licensing program.

Apple has already been using USB-C ports in its MacBook and iPad but these devices do not have anything as such. The use of other simple chargers for iPhone 15 could result in slow charging or high-speed data transfer may not be supported. Although this is a rumor and it is not certain if such is the case, Apple could still do something of this sort simply because it’s Apple.

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Apple might be using a custom IC interface for iPhone 15 USB-C charging port
Apple might be using a custom IC interface for the iPhone 15 USB-C charging port

There are also chances that the EU could step in because this scenario defies USB-C being a universal interface. It is also to be noted that this rumor could also come true as there have been reports that only 15 Pro models will get fast charging and fast data transfer speeds, while the vanilla models will be using USB 2.0 speeds, similar to the lightning port.

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Apple Aims to Make iPhone 15 The Best Gaming Device

iPhone15 will be able to play AAA titles and supports ray-tracing
iPhone15 will be able to play AAA titles and support ray-tracing

During the Apple event, the company also announced that its iPhone 15 Pro models can play AAA titles with its new A17 Pro chip and also showed its Ray Tracing capabilities. Apple showcased the gameplay of a few games such as Resident Evil 4, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and Genshin Impact among others.


Gamers on iPhone15 Pro will be able to play these games but the release dates were not specified. It is expected that most of these titles will land on iPhone15 Pro next year and  Resident Evil titles could launch late this year, but again nothing is certain yet.

What are your thoughts about this report on Apple using a custom IC interface? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Source: MacRumors

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