French director and writer Luc Besson’s upcoming action thriller movie Anna is making waves on the Internet as the female version of John Wick. Besson is famously known as a feminist filmmaker, despite being caught up in the #MeToo issue as reported by the New York Times. Nonetheless, he still strives to present his content as pro-feminism… maybe in hopes of earning the lost trust from his supporters.

In 2014, Besson’s controversial film… Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson strikes a very compelling plot about a woman who was drugged and unlocks 100 percent of her brain capacity. The movie Anna is not a spin-off or sequel to this but definitely gives off the same vibes (women kicking ass).

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Anna follows the story of a young supermodel (portrayed by Sasha Luss) who secretly works for a mysterious organization as a spy and hitwoman. Imagine seeing a harmless-looking 100 lbs. lady trained to be a killing machine—pretty much John Wick minus the suit and the beard.

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The movie is similar to Atomic Blonde, only Anna manages to get away so the police couldn’t quite put the blame on her. The plot is simple—she works as a secret agent, meets and falls in love with a guy, and gets into a huge trouble because of it. Besson’s La Femme Nikita is a reminiscent of the modeling agency used as her cover.

In the trailer, Anna effortlessly beats the hell out of a room full of trained, heavily-armed men as the world wreak havoc on her and people scream their way out of the restaurant. Fight scenes are very much like Besson’s aesthetics—scripted interspersed cuts with some operative martial arts. It is evident that they are attempting to match John Wick’s gritty and intensive ambiance. Still, there’s no one like The Boogeyman…

Anna hits theaters on June 21, 2019.

If you like films with pretty women kicking ass, be sure to clear your schedule for this weekend.