“Feels like he has 2-ton cement blocks tied around his ankles”: 1 Marvel Rivals Character Isn’t as Appreciated as the MCU Counterpart and Needs to be Heavily Buffed

Marvel Rivals players wish Iron Man could fly a little bit faster.

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  • Marvel Rivals players are bothered by Iron Man's speed and hope it can be improved.
  • NetEase Games has yet to announce an official release date, and fans are already excited.
  • Iron Man's traversal and movement need to be ironed out by the developers soon.
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Marvel Rivals has been made available for select players for beta testing and the consensus is extremely positive. Players have spent a decent amount of time testing out different heroes and checking out their skills and abilities, then quickly identifying some major problems.


NetEase Games has a vision, which is to create a competitive video game where players can duke it out as their favorite Avenger. Some fan favorites, like Iron Man, have caught the attention of players due to his slow mobility, which is a direct contrast to other interpretations.

NetEase Games Needs to Improve Iron Man in Marvel Rivals

Marvel Rivals is the ultimate player vs. player superhero experience.
Marvel Rivals is the ultimate player vs. player superhero experience.

The game came a long way from being leaked during the reveal of Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra, a fellow Marvel project and rumors started swirling about its competitive nature. Developers were heavily inspired by Overwatch and even promised that this game would not follow the footsteps of DC’s Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in terms of repetitive gameplay. However, fans pointed out that Iron Man’s movement system could use some fine-tuning.


Iron Man would feel 1000x better to play if his flight form was much faster
byu/Doinky420 inmarvelrivals

It is no fun to use a slow character in a fast-paced, action-oriented game. Unlike his counterpart from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this version of Iron Man moves slower than usual; enemy players can get the jump on a player using Iron Man with the hyper-velocity ability on cooldown and it will be hard to counter and evade.

Other iconic heroes like Spider-Man already become favorites among fans and players are praising his mobility and his ability to run inverted on ceilings, which compensates for his attacks. The developers also used this project as an opportunity to shed the spotlight on more obscure characters like Peni Parker, who previously appeared in the animated Spider-Verse films.


Marvel Rivals Needs to Perfect the Traversal Methods

NetEase Games could succeed where other game developers failed through Marvel Rivals.
NetEase Games could succeed where other game developers failed through Marvel Rivals.

Previous video game adaptations of these iconic comic book characters can be a hit-and-miss kind of situation. Insomniac Games has struck gold with its Marvel’s Spider-Man series on PlayStation, which was purely single-player. Unfortunately, the developers canceled an ambitious multiplayer game titled Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Great Web which could have been a great co-op experience.

The game would have allowed players to team up with friends and take control of several Spider-themed heroes and heroines to save the multiverse. This game does place a strong emphasis on teamwork but it also encourages playing smart and competitively.

Perhaps this project would fill in the void and give the gaming community something to look forward to. At the moment, there is no confirmed release date but the developers are working on a close beta and the feedback could cause the game to be pushed even further to iron out the wrinkles.


The response has been positive and developers are actively taking notes of suggestions and identifying areas that could use some improvement. Hopefully, the developers could tweak Iron Man’s flight mobility to keep up with the traversal of other heroes and live up to his MCU counterpart.

Marvel Rivals has the potential to be a great multiplayer game and these suggestions will only make it even better. Which hero will you be using more often when NetEase Games officially releases the game? Let us know in the comments section below!



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