Top 20 Marvel Movie Moments That Broke The Internet, Ranked

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The Marvel movie universe is vast, rich, and diverse in lots of epic, memorable moments. But some scenes were so good they broke the internet.


Human Torch Chases The Silver Surfer In Fantastic Four

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In Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Johnny Storm is in hot pursuit of Silver Surfer as he crashes Reed and Sue’s wedding. The chase scene is iconic for a lot of reasons. As the Surfer phases through solid matter, the Human Torch uses his ingenuity to keep up with him. The movie was a travesty. This scene was a delight.

Hulk vs. The Abomination

hulk vs abomination


The first round between the two ended very badly for Blonsky. the second time he came prepared. Banner, now without the irradiated blood that gives him his Hulk powers, jumps from the chopper. We don’t even know if he will turn or not. He does and the ensuing fight is legendary.

Deadpool Travels Back In Time & Erases His Past Mistakes


Now this is the only after credits scene on this list. It doesn’t make any sense but what the hell – when did anything in Deadpool ever made any sense? After fixing Cable‘s watch, Wade uses it to go back in time and undo every bad career choice he ever made as Ryan Reynolds.

Nick Fury Debuts In Iron Man



Back in 2008, Marvel Studios was just starting to make profits with iron Man. Who knew that the path they were paving was so grand in vision and ambition. Samuel L Jackson comes forth at the end of the movie. As Nick Fury, he proposes the Avengers Initiative. It was a dream come true.

Hulk’s Always Angry



Bruce Banner is nowhere to be found when the Chitauri invade New York. The Avengers need a heavy hitter. Banner appears and decides to help them. When Cap asks how he is planning to turn, he delivers an epic dialogue – “I’m always angry.”

Johnny Blaze Rides With The Original Ghost Rider



Johnny Blaze is planning to take the fight to Blackheart, who now has the deed to San Venganza. To escort him to the place, the graveyard keeper reveals himself to be Carter Slade, the original Ghost Rider. Blaze rides his hog while Slade rides his flaming horse – Banshee.

Thor Fights The Hulk In Ragnarok

thor ragnarok 12002


Who knew we would get to see the two fight once more after their first battle in The Avengers (2012). Thor almost beats the Hulk before he loses control and the Hulk stomps him fair and square.

Hulk Vs. Hulkbuster

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The Hulkbuster was Iron man’s secret weapon against the Jade Giant. When the Hulk lost control in Age of Ultron, Iron Man’s Hulkbuster rolled out some serious punches before the Hulk ripped it to pieces.

Doctor Strange Goes On A Psychedelic Ride

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Thanks to Steve Ditko‘s mind-bending artwork, we got to see this masterpiece of CGI. The Ancient One shoves Stephen Strange’s soul out of his body, making him phase through numerous alternate dimensions.

Thor’s Entry In Battle Of Wakanda



Thor, Rocket, and Groot arrive pretty late to the party. But it is Thor that ends up being the show-stopper. With one swing of his Stormbreaker, he takes down a sizable chunk off of Thanos’ army.

Professor X Perishes At The Hands Of Jean Grey

Xavier Death


X-Men: The Last Stand was certainly not the best of the lot. But it did have a few memorable moments. The one that is memorable is when Jean grey lest the Phoenix persona take over and kills Professor X, withering him to dust as Wolverine is watching.

Spider-Man Stops A Moving Train

spider man 2 train scene 1164131


The Sam Raimi trilogy is credited with jump-starting the superhero genre. The most significant moment in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies is when Doc Ock derails a train and it is upto Peter Parker to save the day.

Loki’s Death

loki dead avengers infinity war theory tom hiddleston


Not gonna lie, Loki’s death in infinity war scarred us for life.

The Thanos Snap

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Infinity War came with an unexpected twist. Thor did not aim for the head. The whole universe paid the price.

Steve Rogers Retires



A slow and subtle but powerful scene in the end of avengers: endgame, Steve Rogers travels back in time to return the Infinity Stones. He returns as an elderly man. He passes on the shield to Sam. It’s a powerful scene not many can forget.

Doctor Strange Vs. Thanos On Titan



Thanos meets his match when the Sorcerer Supreme conjures all kinds of spells to keep him at bay. Strange almost succeeds till Thanos is forced to use the Infinity Stones to level the playing field.

Avengers Assemble In Endgame


The entire theater erupted when all of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes came together, fighting Thanos and his army head to head. Still gives us goosebumps!!

Iron Man Snap


“And. I . Am. Iron Man.” A legend was born that day. All it took to save the universe was one man’s sacrifice.

Tony Stark Suits Up As Iron Man For The First Time



This is where it all began. Tony Stark creates the iconic Iron man powered armor suit. He uses it to destroy the Ten Rings terrorists that have taken a region hostage. The rest is history.

Wolverine Breathes His Last



say what you will but it was Wolverine’s death at the end of Logan that made us all cry in tears. The MCU does have its moments but Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine’s death represents the end of an era.


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