10 Popular TV Shows That Have Secret WWE Star Cameos


Certain WWE stars like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, John Cena, and Copeland have managed to become big names in the acting industry. They have managed to be a part of important franchises and bagged quite a few important roles in movies and shows. Though not all WWE stars can become like them, there are few who have made a few cameo appearances. Some just play a professional wrestler while others just act some roles like a bully or a strong character. Here are a few WWE stars that cameoed in popular TV shows that you might have forgotten about.

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Ashley Massaro appeared in Smallville

Ashley Massaro wwe stars who made a secret appearance in TV shows
Ashley Massaro

Smallville was a superhero show based on the DC comics. In the show, the late famous female WWE star wrestler Ashley Massaro made a cameo appearance. She joined the show for the episode named combat. And the role she played was of a combatant named Athena.


Kane also cameoed in Smallville

Kane wwe star who made a cameo appearance in TV shows

Another secret WWE star cameo of Smallville, Glenn “Kane” Jacobs appeared in the same episode as Ashley Massaro. He played a superpowered fighter named Titan. The professional wrestler has mastered a number of fields, including acting. He did a fair job portraying his character.

Buff Bagwell appeared in Charmed

Buff Bagwell wwe stars who made an appearance in tv shows
Buff Bagwell

Charmed was an American TV show that aired from 1998 to 2006. It was supernatural fiction. In an episode titled “Wrestling with Demons,” Marcus “Buff” Bagwell camoed. It was an episode where he plays a wrestler in the underworld. In the fights, the loser loses their soul in every bout.


John Cena was a part of Parks and Recreation

John Cena wwe stars did cameo in TV shows
John Cena

Parks and Recreation is a satirical comedy mockumentary sitcom, it aired on NBC. In the episode, The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show, John Cena appears in the final episode of Andy’s TV show.

Vader did a secret cameo in Boy Meets World

Vader wwe stars who made a cameo in TV shows

Boy Meets World is a popular sitcom. Leon “Vader’ White played a recurring role in the series called Frankie The Enforcer’s father. He made his first appearance in the episode titled Sixteen Candles and Four-Hundred-Pound Men. In the episode, Shawn and Cory helped the wrestler win a match.


Edge was in The Flash

Edge wwe star cameo

The Flash is based on the DC comics based on the character Flash/Barry Allen. Adam “Edge” Copeland has played recurring roles in quite a few series. But he made a special cameo appearance in The Flash. He played a role called Atom Smasher in the episode – The Man Who Saved Central City.

Goldberg cameoed in Desperate Housewives

Goldberg wwe stars cameo

Desperate Housewives is an American TV show that is a comedy-drama and mystery show. In one of the episodes’ openings, My Heart Belongs to Daddy, the WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg made a cameo appearance. The wrestler played a chivalrous inmate.


Goldberg also appeared in Law & Order

Goldberg wwe star camoes

Other than his strange appearance in Desperate Housewives, Bill Goldberg also appeared in Law & Order. It is a popular TV show that is based on American police procedures and legal activities. He appeared in the episode titled Loophole ads Cupid. He is the guy who gets tased at the beginning of the episode.

The Rock made a cameo in That 70s Show

The Rock wwe stars cameo
The Rock

Based on the life of six teenage friends living in a fictional town in Wisconsin, That 70s Show was a popular sitcom. In the show, there is an episode where the lead gang attends a wrestling match. And in the episode, we see The Rock as his father Ricky Johnson.


Chris Jericho was in The Thundermans

Chris Jericho wwe stars cameo
Chris Jericho

The famous superhero sitcom is based on the twins, Max and Phoebe, who are a part of a superhero family The Thundermans. The show has this episode titled Beat The Parents. In this episode, the famous WWE star Chris Jericho makes a special appearance.

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