Encanto: Unpopular Opinions That Diss The Disney Movie

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Disney+ has released a new animated film, Encanto in November of 2021. The imagery of the film is just as classic as any other Disney movie, with another fantasy story. Mirabel and the Madrigal family try to save their Casita and restore their mystical powers. But this Disney+ fantasy wasn’t liked by all who watched it. The movie has too many unanswered theories, unfinished storylines, and a lot it left uncovered. Here are a few unpopular opinions on Encanto that diss the movie.


Too Many Characters to Track

Encanto has Too Many Characters
Encanto has Too Many Characters

Encanto is a story of a large family that lives in the same home, Casita. The characters share colorful dynamics with each other. They all possess magical powers and have their own qualities, both good and bad. But there are too many characters – Mirabel, her parents, Abeula, her aunt Pepa, Uncle Bruno, two sisters, and three cousins. The movie only gives details on a very few of them like Abeula and Bruno. Other characters are left unexplained and feel shallow.

Mirabel Was A People Pleaser

Mirabel is a people pleassure
Mirabel is a People Pleaser

Like any other Disney protagonist, Mirabel is a strong heroine that does everything she can for her close ones. She does not have any mystical like the rest of her family. So, she feels that she needs to over-participate to fill in the gap. But the unpopular opinion of the viewers is that she is a people pleaser. That personality trait of hers ruined the film in a way. She gave in to the needs of her grandmother because of her traumas. But Mirabel is not, she is an independent heroine but has a soft side for her family. She stands up for what she believes in.


Abuela was Forgiven too Easily

Abuela was Forgiven too Quickly
Abuela was Forgiven too Quickly

Every character in Encanto is special in their own way. Whether or not they possess mystical powers. Abuela is a character who is driven by her trauma and needs to keep the magical flame alive. So, she ends up discriminating between those with powers and those without. But she wasn’t a bad person. But the unpopular opinion is that Mirabel forgives Abeula too quickly and went on for Casita’s sake and it was a flaw. But if it hadn’t been that, then the whole purpose of restoring Casita’s power would never happen.

The Members Used Their Powers for Selfish Purposes

The Family Used their Powers for Selfish Purposes
Madrigal Family Used their Powers for Selfish Purposes

The movie starts with a song by Mirabel – telling the neighborhood kids about her family and how they use their powers to help everyone, the family, and the town. Like Louisa with her superstrength helps make work around town easy. But the according to the unpopular opinion, the family just stayed at home with their powers and just use them for themselves. The fans of Encanto quickly responded that their gifts were to help create a safer community.

Some Songs are too Poppy

Under the Surface is too poppy
Under the Surface is too poppy

Like any other Disney movie, Encanto is filled with a number of catchy songs. The fans are in love with the beats and can’t stop bobbing their heads to some of them. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is the fans’ favorite. But according to an unpopular opinion they hated songs like “Under the Surface” because it was too pop. Her dance in the song made another cringe. They added that her dance and the lyrics of the song weren’t coherent.


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