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JBL Tour ONE M2 Headphones Review – Sounds Good To Me!

The JBL Tour ONE M2 Headphones make for a fantastic all-around headset, delivering both comfort and quality in spades. They manage to pull off the rare trick of being a jack of all trades, and a master of all. Whether you are looking to use them for listening to music on the go, gaming at home, or even everyday work tasks, these are a solid choice for any scenario.

We have reviewed a good number of headsets on the site at this point, and I have only been this blown away once before; when we reviewed the sublime 2023 Razer BlackShark V2’s. The JBL Tour ONE M2 Headphones have consistently impressed me since I first opened them, and I would recommend them in an instant to anyone.

Don’t you wonder sometimes, about Sound and Vision?

The most important aspect of any audio device is undoubtedly the quality of the sound being produced. Starting things off with how the JBL Tour ONE M2 headphones sound in their default ANC-on mode, they are capable of producing rich, warm tones and intricate detailing that adds to the audio experience. The sound does carry a bit of thickness, although not too much, just enough to create a comfortable atmosphere.

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This is paired with the outstanding noise-cancelling capability, ensuring that external noises don’t interfere with the user’s listening experience whatsoever. I even wore the JBL Tour One M2 on a flight to Corfu while testing and they made short work of the airplane engine noise to the point where it was undetectable.

"I can't hear no plane fool!" Or whatever it was that Mr T said...
“I can’t hear no plane fool!” Or whatever it was that Mr T said…

Thankfully, even when the ANC is set to off, these headphones are still able to maintain their integrity. There is definitely a subtle shift that can be heard with a touch less overall warmth, but they are able to consistently deliver in almost all other aspects of the soundscape. Unlike some headsets that dramatically alter their character after the ANC settings are messed with, the JBL Tour ONE M2 headphones stay true to their sonic identity, adapting without losing their core essence.

Ambient Aware mode also works extremely well, allowing users to maintain the same sound quality, while also letting them tweak the level of how much outside noise they want to hear. Often this mode kills sound quality, but the JBL Tour ONE M2 headphones allow users to continue listening to their music at decent quality, while also permitting them a level of audio awareness. This is very helpful in certain environments such as when ordering coffee or crossing the road.


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In addition to Ambient Aware, the JBL Tour One M2 headphones also come with a Smart Talk feature, which is designed to decrease the volume of the music automatically, providing users with the ability to engage in a brief conversation without any hassle. This works using advanced voice recognition technology, which reacts to the user’s voice.

All of these features and a lot more can be controlled via the JBL Headphones app. It allows for a great deal of customization, from adjusting ANC levels to tweaking EQ settings. It is also very well designed, allowing the user to fine-tune a vast array of settings, while simultaneously remaining easy to pick up and use.

Look how happy the JBL Tour ONE M2s are making this guy, that could be you!
Look how happy the JBL Tour ONE M2s are making this guy, that could be you!

In terms of controls, commands such as skip track are given via gestures performed on the touch panel, which can be found on the right ear cup. These default commands can also be remapped via the app. A 2.5mm jack is also included on the right ear cup, adding versatility by giving users the option to listen in wired mode. A physical, tactile volume rocker can be found on the left ear cup, along with a switch that allows the user to change between listening modes, as well as a USB-C port for charging.

Speaking of charging, the battery life of these headphones is seriously impressive, to the point that there is never really any need for concern that the JBL Tour ONE M2 will die on you. If they ever do die though, their fast charging capability means that a brief charge of around 10 minutes will allow for roughly another 5 hours of use. This is one of the only occasions that a device has actually provided more charge during testing than what was promised by the manufacturer.

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The box that the headset comes in states that users can expect 50 hours of playback. Most other wireless headsets I have tested that claim this sort of battery life tend to die after 40-45 hours. However, the JBL Tour ONE M2 headphones were able to last an incredible 60 hours before I had to plug them in to charge.

The JBL Tour ONE M2 headphones utilize Bluetooth 5.3 LE, and it is seriously fast. I had no issues when trying to connect this headset to a variety of devices. It instantly paired with my phone, my PS5, my PC, and my laptop all without any problems or delay. Bluetooth can be a major headache at times and can ruin the otherwise premium experience of a headset in this price range. Thankfully, that is not the case here.

Audio aesthetic appeal

Also available in this lighter color.
Also available in this lighter color.

What the JBL Tour ONE M2 headphones pack under the hood is very impressive, but they also make for a visually appealing headset too. Carrying a sleek matte black finish, with a few subtle black-chrome accents, JBL has managed to bring a touch of elegance to this device. The JBL logo is on there, but it isn’t immediately made obvious, instead tying in with the understated touch of sophistication present in the rest of the device.


The build quality is also top-notch, being most evident in the device’s padded headband and comfortable ear cups. The closed-back design of the ear cups does cause some heat build-up during extended use, but generally speaking, this is an incredibly comfortable headset. The JBL Tour ONE M2 headphones also feel durable, partly owed to the metal inserts that live inside the headband. These headphones are made to last.

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To help with long-term durability, the JBL Tour ONE M2 headphones also come packed with a nifty black carry case that ensures they are protected while travelling. In order to transport the device via the case, the headset folds up, with the ear cups pivoting to reduce the overall size of it, making it more compact.

Beyond the music

Disclaimer: these models do not come packaged with the headset.
Disclaimer: these models do not come packaged with the headset.

Although I primarily listened to music while testing the JBL Tour ONE M2 headphones, I also watched a few movies using the headset, which sounded amazing. The headphones seemingly can tackle whatever is thrown at them, making everything from quiet indie movies to sound-effects-heavy superhero movies, or big-budget Chris Nolan blockbusters all sound equally impressive.

I additionally used the headset for a few single-player gaming sessions. Gunfire and footsteps in FPS titles sounded clear and crisp and the squeaking doors of a horror game sounded appropriately chilling. I also listened to some audiobooks, some podcasts, and a few YouTube videos; all of which sounded great.

Summing up the sound

The JBL Tour ONE M2 headphones are incredible, especially for the asking price. They are elegantly designed and boast an effortlessly rich sound across a multitude of mediums. The detailed customizability found in the JBL app is astonishing and the battery life is next level.

Calls also sound great on these. Not once, did I have an issue hearing the person I was speaking to and the inbuilt microphone is much better than you might expect. Other manufacturers should look to this headset as an example of the unbridled brilliance that can be achieved in audio technology when it is done right.

JBL Tour ONE M2 Headphones – 10/10

10 Out of 10

The JBL Tour ONE M2 headphones were provided to FandomWire for review by Ranieri Communications.


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