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My Hero Academia Reveals Todoroki’s Most Powerful Move In Latest Chapter

Finally! My Hero Academia has fully aired Shoto Todoroki’s new ultimate move! Isn’t it a piece of great news? Following the newest chapter of the series, the final battle between the heroes and villains is blazing up. The series has shifted its focus to the final battle between Shoto and Dabi.

My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki
My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki

As we know, the Todoroki family needs to air out all of the trauma they have been taking throughout their entire lives. This final fight between the two has been getting more intense than ever! Each of them has been appearing to grasp their shared family history. But Shoto has been trying to put all of this to bed.

My Hero Academia Reveals Shoto Todoroki’s Hottest Power

My Hero Academia final war arc Dabi vs Shoto Todoroki
My Hero Academia final war arc Dabi vs Shoto Todoroki

Previous chapters showed how Shoto has put the duty of taking down Dabi all on his own. Because his father works with the other pro heroes against All For One on a distinct battlefield. When his fight with Dabi begins, Shoto revealed he learned his take on the Flashfire Fist.

This is quite epic! He takes his ice abilities and blends them with his flames in a new way. The newest chapter of the series shows him turning this into his move to use against Dabi. This is called the “Great Glacial Aegir.”

My Hero Academia, Chapter 352 retards a bit to illustrate Shoto’s take on the Flashfire Fist. And yes it indeed blends his fire and ice abilities to balance his final flame, in a way that makes them work in perfect unity. It’s a flame, but its cool effects suppress Dabi’s heat. Shoto verifies that this is his ability that he’s been able to expand. As a result, he can resist at least some of Dabi’s heat. Dabi’s flames are also out of control at this point. But they still manage to burn Todoroki despite his icy Flashfire Fist being active.

My Hero Academia Todoroki Shoto's true power
My Hero Academia Todoroki Shoto’s true power

After creating both of his abilities within his body, Shoto unleashes the Great Glacial Aegir. It not only burns the ground beneath his feet but hits Dabi with such an intense icy punch that a massive wave of icy flames erupts. It freezes all of the nearby buildings around him! It’s a very strong move that only Shoto could have pulled off. It’s surely a character development based on how much he’s learned throughout the series. I guess it might be enough to take down Dabi. What do you think was going to be enough to completely defeat Dabi?


Written by Shreeparna Das