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What Are Your Favorite Movie Scenes.

Movies have always been a part of Human life as a source of Entertainment. People love spending time while watching a movie. And some of those movies leave a deep impact on the viewer’s mind, while some movie aren’t that great but still have some mind-boggling scenes that stays with the viewer through-out his life. While other movie scenes include favourite actors or actresses who make it memorable, like one of the scenes from The Twilight Saga’ movie the introduction scene of Edward to save Bella, was one of the most memorable scenes for fans specially the girls. Or the scene from the Movie Fast and the Furious Part 5 when Hobbs went to catch Dominic Toretto and Dom says ‘This is Brazil” was a scene loved by Boys world-wide. So if you really are a movie lover, then definitely there must be few specific scenes that you love and adore throughout the history of Movies. Sounds fun scroll down to see our collection of the favourite movie scene that we love and comment below your favourite scenes.

This Scene From The Movie The Apartment:

This Scene From The Movie The Sixth Sense:

The Scene From The Movie Doubt, Because Of Viola Davis:

The Opening Scene From The Movie Up:

The Shower Scene From The Movie Psycho:

The Famous Door Scene From The Movie Titanic:


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