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Who Is The Time-Eater – Marvel’s Most Powerful Kang Variant Who Can Eat Entire Timelines

Who Is The Time-Eater - Marvel's Most Powerful Kang Variant Who Can Eat Entire Timelines

This article contains spoilers for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania introduces Kang and his limitless powers to the MCU audiences for the first time since Loki season 1 gave everyone a peek at him. In the first post-credits scene of the film, we learn more about his variants. We see a Council of Kangs in a Roman colosseum-like arena discussing the variant they exiled to the Quantum Realm. We see other variants of Kang seated and talking in the Colosseum. This includes Rama-Tut, Immortus, a Skrull variant, and more. But there’s one variant we didn’t see and likely won’t till later. It’s the most powerful Kang variant called the Time-Eater. Why is he termed the most powerful? Let us explain.

Who Is The Time-Eater?

Kang the Conqueror
Kang the Conqueror

When it comes to ranking the most powerful Marvel cosmic villains, Galactus almost always comes out on top. The world-devouring cosmic entity is formidable because he has access to the Power Cosmic which imbues him with almost-limitless powers and abilities. It allows him to absorb and project energy, alter his size, create force fields, restructure things at a molecular level, transmute matter, teleport objects across galaxies and time-space, as well as create interdimensional portals, and way more. Basically, he has cosmic awareness and manipulation powers.

To maintain the Power Cosmic, Galactus has to continuously devour whole planets. Now, in the comics, Earth-18854’s Kang became the most powerful because he not only killed Galactus but also absorbed his Power Cosmic.


This allowed him to harness the god-like powers of Galactus. But he didn’t stop there. He killed every other Galactus variant he could get his hands on. Furthermore, he conquered and destroyed those universes, thus unraveling the delicate space-time fabric of the multiverse.

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The Kang variant fed on various realities, just like Galactus did on worlds to gain power. Thus, earning the name of the Time-Eater. To make matters worse, he nullifies the only weakness of Galactus- technology. As a Kang variant, he has access to technology from all across time and space. So he can summon advanced weapons and devices from all across the multiverse. This combined with his Power Cosmic makes him almost unstoppable and a threat of epic proportions.

So will he appear in the MCU? And where?

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Where Will The Time-Eater Appear?

Marvel's Fantastic Four movie logo
Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie logo

The Time-Eater is such a compelling and overpowered character that his presence will give an entirely new dimension to the fights with the new team of Avengers who will reportedly get formed in Captain America: New World Order. However, for the Time-Eater to exist, Galactus has to be an established presence in the MCU first. Since the cosmic villain is one of the Fantastic Four’s main villains so it’s possible that he will appear in their MCU movie.

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After all, several film scoopers have alleged that Marvel is all set to bring Galactus as the main antagonist of the Fantastic Four. Once he has been established, the Time-Eater can be introduced from another universe in Avengers: Secret Wars alongside the other Kang variants. However, one has to question if the MCU will undermine Galactus that soon after introducing him. It will be interesting to witness how or if Marvel Studios decides to bring this almost undefeatable Kang variant to the MCU.

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