Tom Holland or Andrew Garfield: Which Spider-Man Will Bad Bunny El Muerto Movie Feature

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The biggest interest in everyone’s mind now right is how Spider-Man could feature in the El Muerto movie. Which Spider-Man appears to fight Bad Bunny’s character? As we all know El Muerto is the newest anti-hero added to Spider-Man’s Sony Universe. But who is this mysterious Spider-Man behind the mask? There are lots of questions in our minds.


Sony Pictures announced another spinoff movie in the universe of Marvel characters including Spider-Man in El Muerto. And Marvel Comic fans are baffled. Sony is busy producing an array of characters to battle and might possibly team up with their most hyped character, Spider-Man. Even if there more films on the way, including Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web, the Sony Spider-Man universe is in full hype.

Sony’s newest project from its Spider-Man universe: El Muerto

Sony’s contract with Marvel Studios has kicked out into a successful franchise of Spider-Man films set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Possibly, the character might be Tom Holland according to the fans. The franchise featuring Tom Holland includes a standalone trilogy plot based on the character and 3 other appearances for Spider-Man set in the MCU. Previously, with Spider-Man: No Way Home, Sony, and Marvel worked concurrently to interlink all previous and the recent Spider-Man films through the concept of the multiverse. And of course, the film became the highest-grossing film for the studio and is being called the best Spider-Man movie.


But also, After Spider-Man: No Way Home, Andrew Garfield witnessed a huge fan push for him to return in The Amazing Spider-Man 3, probably with Emma Stone. So, making a wild guess on the basis of that wont be wrong!


Tom Holland or Andrew Garfield in El Muerto Movie?

El Muerto would release as the 6th film in the SSU. The project came into implementation after Bad Bunny’s performance in Brad Pitt-starrer Bullet Train impressed Sony execs. It has been said that earlier the studio had planned to take Bad Bunny on a different high-profile project but resolved for a minor character from the comics. With Bad Bunny’s name bound to it now, the character of El Muerto is likely to gain grip from fans and the actor has both the responsibility and an opportunity to turn this lesser-known character from the comics into an incredible anti-hero.

MCU stars tell their favorite superhero growing up
Tom Holland

Following recent discussions to figure out a starring vehicle for him, the multi-hyphenate took consequences into his own hands and started mining the Spider-Man library for Latin characters that would suit him, eventually coming across El Muerto.

Fans want Andrew Garfield back as Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

After all, a superhuman with wrestling skills labels for some epic action magnificence; just throw Spider-Man in the ring. It’s already a blockbuster!


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