Disney+ was announced in November of 2018 and it is the primary reason for the company’s interest in the Fox deal. According to The Media Byte, Cheadle’s War Machine will be headlining a show on the platform.

Disney has a wonderful line-up of shows that are exploring other Marvel heroes who have been stuck as side-characters on the big-screen. Loki, Scarlett Witch, Vision, Falcon, Winter Soldier, and Hawkeye will be headlining their own series on the streaming service along with a ‘What-If?’ cartoon delving into alternate takes on certain events.

These shows are reported to have movie-like budgets and will be developed by Marvel Studios themselves rather than their TV division who are in charge of programs such as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The last show that Marvel Studios made was Agent Carter which was prematurely canceled despite being well-received.

Unfortunately, there’s not too much information on just what audiences can expect. There are no details about the time period that the show will take place in, what the plot will be or who will be cast. However, it’s very unlikely that Marvel will be replacing Rhodey’s actor again and so it’s safe to expect that Don Cheadle will return to play the titular character.

Kevin Feige spoke to Variety in April about the various Marvel series coming to Disney+. He shed a light on just how they will impact and interact with the movies.

These episodes will intersect with the movies in a very big way. It’s a totally new form of storytelling that we get to play with and explore. It’s the first long-form narrative that Marvel Studios has done – they’ll be six episodes, eight episodes, ten episodes, with the actors from the films playing their characters. They’ll be changing, evolving, growing in those event series and then those changes will be reflected in their next film appearances.

Kevin Feige

This is incredibly different to anything we’ve seen from Marvel television as shows under their division have mostly stayed separate from the movies. The Defenders and Coulson’s band of agents have been stuck on the small-screen and the only one to make the leap from small-screen to cinema has been Jarvis.

Interconnecting the two forms of media may just be the key to keeping the MCU fresh whilst also making the shows feel more relevant. Based on what Feige said, it would also seem as though the characters who star in these shows will make further appearances on the big screen which means that we may see more from War Machine in the future.

According to a 4Chan leak from January, the plot will revolve around Rhodey going on a mission to recover stolen Stark tech much like the plot of Spider-Man: Homecoming. This isn’t an entirely credible source so take this with a grain of salt but some of the leaks have proven to be true.

This leak predicted the Hawkeye, Loki, Vision/Scarlet Witch and Bucky/Falcon shows and the only one that has yet to be announced from this list is Lady Sif. According to the report, there were also talks about Sentry and Moon Knight getting their own series.

With Disney now owning a majority stake in Hulu, it is possible that they may push for this service to be international and it could be the location for their more r-rated content. Hopefully we can see The Defenders make a return on this platform alongside the upcoming Ghost Rider show. It could also be home to the previously mentioned Moon Knight.

The Disney+ platform will not only host Marvel shows as audiences can expect to see a Monsters Inc. sequel, a post Return of the Jedi series dubbed The Mandalorian, a final The Clone Wars season and a plethora of other projects.

What are you looking forward to? Does War Machine spike your interest? Who else do you want to see helm their own show? Let us know in the comments below!