The latest patch to BioWare’s Anthem has brought a slew of changes to the game.

Update 1.3.0 brings a slew of features such as the Cataclysm game mode, a mobile app, and so much more!

Alongside, a new mission, the Cataclysm is the biggest addition being made to the MMORPG. BioWare has described the new multiplayer mode as one that will evolve over time and will encourage players to work together as a team. Players who work together in Cataclysm can work together through various modifiers to earn seasonal currency and fight their way up its leaderboards.

BioWare has spent months trying to bring Cataclysm to the game since its disastrous launch in February. The mode was originally slated to go live in May, but that ended up not happening in favor of ironing out some of Anthem‘s bugs. Players who got to experience Cataclysm on the game’s test servers were not exactly satisfied with what they were being given. It would appear that the new mode will have players flying around the open world, completing objectives, and then facing off against a final boss. This isn’t game-changing for Anthem and something players have been doing since launch.

Besides the content updates, BioWare was able to rebalance some of the game’s features.

The Luck stat is completely gone, replaced with Bonus Armor. All drops in the game, up to Grandmaster 1, now work as if the player had maximum luck. Higher difficulties than Grandmaster will have higher luck chances than they did prior to 1.3.0.

Additionally, the update brings some new weapons into the fold that can be used during the Cataclysm and elsewhere. The new weapons are the Pulse Accelerators, Volt Casters, and Blade Slingers. Each of these new weapon types do come with Masterwork variants. All Javelins now have a few new Masterwork weapons for their already existing gear pieces.

Players will now be able to add melee weapons to their inventory with a new melee gear slot. This allows players to customize what kind of melee damage they want to do, and allows them to tailor their build to be more melee-centric, if they like. Masterwork variants are now enabled for support items as well.

The enemy NPCs throughout Anthem’s open world have also had some rebalancing done to them. The amount of health and shields for most non-boss enemies have been reduced while in general numbers have been tweaked for all enemies, including boss level enemies.

Update 1.3.0 also sees the studio bringing the Anthem mobile app to life. With the Anthem app, players will be able to access the game’s new alliance system which will include Guild members as well as friends whenever calculating social rewards. They’ll even be able to create, join, and chat with your Guild members whenever you want. The app is live on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Update 1.3.0 is live!

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