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Disney+: 37 Best Short Films You Need To Watch, Ranked

Disney+ brings back the best Pixar short films that were almost forgotten. Check out these 37 amazing shorts ranked according to their popularity.

1. Steamboat Willie: Mickey and his domineering boss Pete are the mains in this flick.

Mickey Mouse driving a river boat

2. Geri’s game: Geri, an older man, dramatically plays chess against himself at the park. This short deserves praise for its clever execution and simple diction.

Pixar Animation Studios

3. Bao: It is one of those Disney short films that will take you on an emotional ride while it gently deals with the subject of empty nest syndrome.

Bao (Short 2018) - IMDb

4. Mike’s new car: Being creatively gorgeous, it also has humorous scenes that are a real treat to watch.

Mike Wazowski stands outside a brand new car

5. Sanjay’s super team

Pixar Animation Studios

6. For the birds: In this short film, lessons on acceptance and humor, accompanied with innovative animation makes it one of the best Disney short films.

For the Birds (film) - Wikipedia

7. Mickey’s trailer: You’re in for a fun ride with Mickey, Goofy, and Donald displaying their antics while the trailer travels mountainsides and ravines.

Mickey's Trailer | Disney fine art, Disney art, Disney artists

8. Piper: Everything seems so real in the film, along with the waves, pebbles, and sand particles.

A sandpiper in the shallows

9. The band concert: In this classic short, Mickey Mouse leads the band without stopping even amid a tornado.

Mickey Mouse directs an orchestra

10. Partly cloudy: It is a creatively splendid short film and is a one-of-a-kind movie of its time.

Multiple clouds with storks landing on them

11. Thru the mirror: Mickey breaks into a mirror on his mantle and witnesses, non-living objects come to life.

Mickey Mouse walking through a mirror

12. Flowers and trees

A dancing tree with branches for arms

13. Out: This is the Disney and Pixar short film to feature a gay hero. Out is a new age story and one of the best short films that will tug at your heart.

The True Story Behind 'Out,' Pixar's Groundbreaking Gay Short Film

14. Loop: The story revolves around a talkative black boy and an autistic, mute girl.

Why Pixar's First Non-Verbal Character In The Short 'Loop' Was a Game-Changer

15. Wind: It follows through the journey of a boy and his grandmother who try to escape the dark chasm they’re trapped in.

Pixar's Latest SparkShort 'Wind' is so Much More Than Meets the Eye – A Story of Sacrifice, Hope and Immigration | Pixar Post

16. Auntie Edna: Edna Mode attempts to create a super-suit for Jack-Jack while babysitting him.

Check out a first look at the INCREDIBLES 2 'Auntie Edna' short | The Fandom

17. Us again: This film shows Art and his wife, Dot, dance in the rain, refreshing memories of the past.

A man and woman dance in front of a water fountain

18. Day and night: The titular characters wrestle with their differences only to realize how similar they are in the end.

Night displays his moon to Day

19. Pluto’s surprise package

Pluto stares at a box

20. One man band: It follows one-man bands, battling it out for a single gold coin possessed by a peasant girl.

A one man band plays in a courtyard

21. Forky asks a question: In this short, Forky, a spork character from ‘Toy story,’ doesn’t think of himself as a toy, but rather as rubbish.

Forky stands next to a smiley face mug

22. The hockey champ: Being a hockey champion, Donald duck takes his nephews Huey, Louie, and Dewey to the frozen pond for a lesson.

Donald Duck plays hockey against Huey, Dewey, and Louie

23. Presto: Alec, the rabbit, is asked to cooperate, but things go erratic as he grows greedy for a carrot to calm his appetite.

A magician attempts to feed a rabbit a carrot

24. Kitbull: The short film revolves around the friendship between a feisty lost kitten and a tired Pitbull.

Pixar's animal abuse short "Kitbull" will break your heart and put it back together — watch |

25. Boundin: This short flick is about the life of a dancing sheep.

A jackalope looks at a sheep without any wool

26. Destino: Dahlia, the lead, drifts through surreal images inspired by Dali’s work.

Dahlia stares off into space

27. Lava

A sad volcano in the ocean

28. Mail dog: Mickey’s pet Pluto travels through frozen regions to deliver mail.

Pluto and a rabbit on a sled

29. Santa’s workshop

Santa Claus sits among a pile of letters

30. Once upon a snowman: It features Olaf, the snowman from frozen.

Olaf with a flag for a nose

31. Playdate with Destiny: In this fox/Disney merger, watch Maggie Simpson search for a boyfriend.

Maggie Simpson in a garden

32. Ferdinand the bull: In this short, a good-hearted bull gets more interested in flowers than fighting.

Ferdinand in a bull ring with some flowers

33. The tortoise and the hare

Tortoise and Hare prepare for the big race

34. Burrow: It is an appealing and beautiful short film where a rabbit moves underground to find peace.

An anxious rabbit looks at a map

35. Three little pigs: The story follows three little pigs who build their houses of sticks, bricks, and straws to have the Big Bad Wolf destroy them.

Three Little Pigs - ESL Only Stories

36. The art of skiing: Goofy tumbles through the snow while attempting to learn skiing.

Goofy holds himself up with his skis and poles

37. Double dribble: It’s fun to watch goofy ski, but it gets funnier when he tries to play basketball.

Goofy holds a basketball on the free throw line

These are the 37 best Disney short films. Comment below what are your ‘GO TO’ Disney movies when you’re in the mood for some Pixar entertainment.