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Marvel: 9 Comic Heroes Who Became Villains

Heroes are always expected to be the good guys and morally right. Their values and intentions are usually for the betterment of the human race and to save the world. But it doesn’t always go this way. Some comic heroes turned out to be villains as time progressed. So let’s take a look at nine Marvel comic heroes who became villains.

1. Reed Richards: One of the Fantastic Four members turns evil after having a face-off against Magneto in the Ultimate universe. After Sue declines his proposal to marry him, he fakes his own death and travels into the future only to return with a vengeance.

Reed Richards Marvel: 9 Comic Heroes Who Became Villains
Reed Richards turns into The Maker

2. Bucky Barnes: We all saw how Bucky returned and surprised the audience. He returned after 60 years after his best pal saw his plane explode. But after, Russians took him and brainwashed him, making him into an assassin.

Marvel: 9 Comic Heroes Who Became Villains Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes turns into an assassin

3. Cyclops: He was one of the very first ones Charles Xavier recruited. He strongly supported Professor X and believed in mutant equality. But only until Scott finds that Charles isn’t the man Scott thought he was and turned to the evil side. He kills Professor X and becomes a supervillain.

Cyclops Marvel: 9 Comic Heroes Who Became Villains
Cyclops kills Professor X

4. Daredevil: Daredevil was a true hero until he was possessed by a demon. The demon takes control of his body and makes him do very evil things. The demon finally leaves him after Iron Fist hits him hard with a punch.

Daredevil Marvel heroes who became villains
He was possessed by a Demon

5. Alex Wilder: The group of kids in Runaway decides to team up against their parents after finding out that they work for a criminal organization. But their leader, Alex Wilder, betrayed the rest, and it was indeed very shocking. 

Alex Wilder Marvel Comics heroes who became villains
He later betrayed his own group of friends

6. Jean Grey: She was the simple, average mutant who had very little control of her powers and mostly stayed aloof. But to see her become a villain and discover her true range of capabilities only to destroy the civilizations was terrifying.

Jean Grey To The Dark Phoenix
She absorbed a lot of solar storm and then Hellfire Club manipulated her.

7. Scarlet Witch: Her powers were incredible, and we saw that in Avengers: Endgame too. We also saw her reality-altering magic in WandaVision. Her chaos magic created troubles from the beginning, which resulted in Civil War. Her magic-altering magic slowly makes her power-driven and a bad guy. 

Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) In Comics
Wanda’s chaos magic creates a havoc and drives her crazy

8. Adam Warlock: He is the hero who always balanced his good and evil side by controlling his evil alter-ego, Magus. Eventually, he couldn’t handle the beast and became the supervillain.

Adam Warlock
His evil side becomes out of control

9 Angel: He was one of the strongest assets of the X-Men team, and his wings made him powerful. But after going against Harpoon, his wings were destroyed. This troubled him to such an extent that when Death offered him to become one of the Four Horseman, he agreed. He, then, became a rival to the X-Men.

He becomes one of the Four Horseman after losing his wings

Written by FandomWire Staff