Netflix’s ‘Umbrella Academy’ Confirmed for Season 2

The phenomenal comic-book-turned-TV-series Umbrella Academy is confirmed for a sequel, after smashing the Netflix ratings with positive reviews. Based on the story published by Dark Horse Comics, the Umbrella Academy follows the lives of six young people, each with their own supernatural powers. After the death of their rich foster father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, they were left with a mystery that changed their entire lives.

After its debut on February this year on Netflix, Umbrella Academy’s co-executive producer Gerard Way officially confirmed that the power siblings will be back for more adventure as global apocalypse looms over the world. It even bested CW’s The Flash for most in-demand TV series based on comics. The show was unofficially renewed for a second season not long before season one aired. The finale ended with a gripping cliffhanger—a hint that would assure the audience of a part two.

What can we expect from the follow-up season? On his personal Instagram account, Gerard Way posted a photo of their first table read. Aside from being the show’s producer, he also wrote the Umbrella Academy comic book series. Check out his post on Instagram:

Few details have been disclosed and it seems like they have begun scouting for locations back in March. The set list includes farms, residential houses, and ranches. Second season will have 10 episodes and set to film in Toronto.

No release date has been confirmed yet. Based on season one’s production timeline, it had about seven months between the filming wrapped up and its official release on Netflix. If this follows the same pattern, the sequel is mostly likely to be released around April 2020.

Just like most adapted comic book series, the Umbrella Academy did not strictly follow the storyline of the book version. With only 17 issues released, most of the important parts were covered and translated into television by the writers in the first season. The sequel will more likely to branch out and possibly tap more story arcs from the comic book version.

What are you expecting to see in season two? Catch theUmbrella Academy Season One on Netflix!