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Moon Knight Season Finale Sets up MCU’s Most Diabolical Superhero to Date

The Fist of Khonshu is no more. Anyways, he’s still hanging around, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s take on Moon Knight is done for now. A mind-blowing TV series Moon Knight had it all Egyptian gods, dueling avatars, and even a talking hippo what more do you want to see next?

So what’s next for Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Khonshu, and the rest? Well, without any further delay, let me take you to the deep roots where it’s nothing we like more than digging into the dirt of the internet. For finding secret knowledge, here’s everything we learned about a potential Moon Knight season 2.







Moon Knight’s Every Hidden Callback in the Hospital

Marvel Studios’ latest Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney+ show has come to a stage. The Moon Knight’s ending delivers a twisted finale and teases the future. Featuring Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/Steven Grant, the alters of Moon Knight have gone on to serve Khonshu in their pursuit of stopping Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) from releasing Ammit’s judgment upon the Earth.

The quest that defeats the Egyptian god took an unpredictable turn more recently. The series is packed with the exploration of Moon Knight’s mental health, multiple identities, and a tragic backstory. The story follows, Marc Spector and Steven Grant admitted Harrow into the hospital, concluding of Moon Knight’s ending battle. However, Khonshu wasn’t ready to let him off that easy.

Moon Knight’s Post-Credits Introduces Jake Lockley

Moon Knight episode 6 surprisingly, includes a post-credits scene that gradually changes things by introducing Jake Lockley. There is no wonder how the show has repeatedly teased the presence of a third alter who is even more violent than Marc Spector.

Moon Knight episode 6 post-credits scene includes Jake Lockley picking up Arthur Harrow from a psychiatric hospital. Then, Jake kills many employees to get Arthur out alive and throws him in a fancy cab with Khonshu in the back.

Khonshu also confirms that Jake Lockley is his Avatar now. Jake doesn’t flinch when the moon god allows him to kill Arthur Harrow by firing multiple shots inside the cab. While the shots themselves or consequences are not shown, it appears that Jake Lockley’s brutality is quickly proving to be beneficial.

How Moon Knight Sets Up a New MCU’s Future?

Now that Moon Knight’s ending has already happened, it is obvious to think about what his MCU future looks like. The introduction of Jake Lockley as Moon Knight’s third alter is itself a big deal that will further twist Marc and Steven’s relationship.

This could be explored in various MCU projects, but Moon Knight season 2 also seems like a happening. The character is very well-suited for the long-form storytelling that Disney+ does. Over the Jake Lockley tease, Moon Knight’s MCU future is cracked open already. Though Marc is not currently serving Khonshu, that might indicate that it will likely be a while before the superhero crosses over with other identities and properties.

Written by Shreeparna Das